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  1. Oh, no! Waaaiiiiizzz?? Are you unable to get online? I'm not in it either Cant sign into XBOX Live..... :/
  2. Oh, no! Waaaiiiiizzz?? Are you unable to get online? Yep.....
  3. Yep..... So I cant make it.......
  4. You guys need to calm down. They will get to us. First they just arrived at PAX yesterday and spent the whole day setting up their booth. They have to make sure they have everything ready for PAX before they can do anything else. Also I'm pretty sure after the event is over everybody will be getting the confirmation.
  5. So.. Who's all going to compete? And if you are which Character are you going to use?
  6. Getting Third in the First Castle Crashers Tournament
  7. Rumors Are There Might Be A 2v2 Tournament... And If So Who's Going to Be Your Partner?
  8. The Warsteel Combo is the Greatess if you ask me
  9. Hell Yea But You Can't Create A Match.... I think you can only accept matches
  10. People Their is now Castle Crashers on Gamebattles so If you want to show your skills you should try it out. To create a team click here ---> http://gamebattles.com/xbox360/arcade/l ... dings-elo/
  11. Wootywootman-1 Scaler193-0 Also Scaler You Got Freak-en Told By Wooty... So Hop Off His D. Also Wooty You Are Completely Correct About The Situation.
  12. Its Nice but cant ever Top My 250 Chickens nuFF said... Lol JK
  13. you're up next warsteel! Yea!!!! Love you Kelly <3