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  1. I hope to soon begin on Funstrating 3 or perhaps a new one.
  2. Thank you Leurfe! Hopefully I can continue to improve on my next map, when I start working on it of course. Ha. Thanks again!
  3. Maybe a voting system should be enacted to decide the Furbottom Features? Just a suggestion.
  4. The 6th level with all of the invisible blocks made me quit for a while. But I'll try to finish it soon.
  5. So I've heard. Sorry about that, hopefully it doesn't detract from it to bad. Thanks for giving it a shot.
  6. Thanks Freelance! I'll be sure to check it out! Don't worry, I've called it Funstration several times also!
  7. I'll gladly take the compliment Sidekick! Thanks and try to have fun on mine! I'll be on the lookout for yours soon!
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to spread my use of traps a little more next time. I tried to use the laser trap in several different ways so it stayed relatively fresh, but I see where you're coming from. Anything you thought was unique or good that I might use next time?
  9. I'm happy to say that since I uploaded Funstrating, I've been working on the next one incorporating feedback from you guys and other friends. And I have just uploaded Funstrating 2. Hopefully you like the improvements and once again I'm open to feedback. I'd like to know your favorite parts as well as your least favorite parts. I will probably take a short break from editing as I've been creating for the past 3 weeks straight. Ha. Thanks everyone for playing and giving me feedback!
  10. I'm playing a mix of NBA 2K13 and BBT mostly. And a little Halo Wars with some buddies, we get destroyed every time though.
  11. Thank you for your honest feedback Adamatron! I'm glad you had an overall good experience and finished it by the sounds of it! But I'm also glad you told me things I can improve on next time! Thanks again!
  12. I had this problem on my first playlist. You must have 9 adventure maps. 5 timed maps (2 finales and 3 encores). And also a secret level, can be timed or adventure. Hope this helps.
  13. The battle with the giant bat on insane is rough. One lick and you're doomed. And if a little bat latches onto you during that fight, forget survival.