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  1. Updated on 10/26/2012 (Sorry about being a year late) Updated with all recent Updates + DLC (Pink Knight + Blacksmith) All new weapons added to the bottom of the weapons table. New characters added in the Downloadable Content Table. Edited NG Lollipop Weapon "How To Obtain." Now available on PSN through Pink Knight Pack. Edited Pitchfork Weapon "How To Obtain." Now dropped by Alien Hominid. Wooden Sword + Wooden Mace added via regular game updates. Feedback appreciated, my Photoshop was beyond sluggish while trying to update the guide. (Every small action taking up to 2 minutes each) I couldn't find any pictures for the new weapons. So I had to screenshot some semi-HD videos and color correct, render, fill in some empty areas on the weapons, rotate and resize. How'd I do? Resolution: 1500 Pixels (15 Inches) WIDE 17850 Pixels (178.5 Inches) TALL (New version is 22.23 inches taller) Enjoy
  2. I enjoy how its Xbox based, not multi platform lol. Some details and things work differently PSN side XD But that's alright ;p
  3. Make the Princesses playable characters > You'll be a princess, kissing a princess. yay. And you'll always hit 0's
  4. Brian

    5 days in.

    PSN, someone must have gotten a gold skull on the Pink Knight by now... No hardcore players on PSN? I play XBox, but u can get a gold skull in about 3 days, minimum 2. Anybody got it? Anyone close? BTW when is the XBox release for the DLC?
  5. I know, I want to make cool graphics with the Castle Crashers Sprites.
  6. I think its got too much going on at once, but it sounds decent.
  7. I tried to add some stuff for PS3 but I couldn't do all of it, I was running out of room.
  8. Not worth it. Anything on a screen that small isn't enjoyable. (Just because it is for a day doesn't mean it's worth it.) I have a PSP and I got bored of it awfully fast. It may be neat but it's still no good.
  9. I quit cuz the lava demons are fire spamming pussies and the skeletons are super derpy. But I know what you're talking about.
  10. Better than boring white ;p Now you make me REALLY want to do that, but what did you use for the clear coat? I can paint really well so I'd love to give it a try I might use sharpie though ;p Nice controller.