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  1. Firecatch

    Buying Hooshmand The Wise

    There's a tiny gap in my collection, a gap for a CAT. I am willing to pay 77 GEMS for Hooshmand (current offer - this may change do to reasons) My gamer tag is Treetewun. Please add me and/or message me.
  2. Firecatch

    Guess Who's Back For National Dog Day?

    Toast will become common on National Toast/Bread Day? I hope that eventually Siren is the rarest. National Siren day? National "National Day" Day.
  3. Firecatch

    Y U No Honeyhug?

    I have no idea where you got any of these ideas from. It's a magical, dead, space bear with stars where it's nipples are, is very long, and is very angry. (Also he is nigh)
  4. Firecatch

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but the good episodes constantly appear on reruns and never change, making you get bred with the series. I wish everything was nice.
  5. Firecatch

    Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    he punched Sonic
  6. Firecatch

    You're banned!

    Banned for Mentioning memes!
  7. Firecatch

    Golden Whale Origins?

    Well, when mommy golden whale and daddy golden whale love each other very much...
  8. Firecatch

    Who Do You Think The Narrator Is?

    ^^^ This.
  9. Firecatch

    National Dog Day

    Seriously guys? You're complaining about Winston? No one reacted like this with the Doughnut or Chicken head, jebus.
  10. Firecatch

    My Attempt At Drawing Hatty

    At this point, this should be renamed to "My Attempt At Drawing". Ugh. Anyway, the more [art] the merrier [i don't feel]! In picture 1, we meet the fan-diddly-tastic attenders of the recent national Triangle Cyclops Con! Among them are: Bill Cipher Prisoner #5139 That pyramid thing on money that i screwed up And finally, Cartoon Triangle Cy- Wait a minute... In picture 2, we see an old picture I drew a few months. Completely random. In picture 3, some Alien Hominid I drew last night out of boredom. And yes, i totally just spelled Hominid wrong.
  11. It's the fat kid from Alien hominid. More like PHAT Kid! #swag#yolo#420blazeit
  12. Firecatch

    Custom Heads!

  13. Firecatch

    My Attempt At Drawing Hatty

    More Art. Yay?
  14. Firecatch

    My Attempt At Drawing Hatty

    I suck, I know.
  15. Firecatch

    [Spoilers] Ending Revelation Conspiracy

    Well, maybe Honey Hug was going to destroy Earth (Honey Hug is nigh) and the hat stopping him would be an act of good will? Then again, it did (probably) sink a ship full of ex-prisoners, destroy an alien spaceship and murder people on an aircraft...