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  1. My triple threat prisoner disappeared from my prisoner inventory. I got it, played a few games with it then the next day it was gone. That's the only issue I've ever had thus far
  2. I like bananas but i just wonder if there is a manly way to eat a banana?
  3. Chocolate ... http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lsvjkopAEU1r1uj9ao1_400.gif
  4. Black Ops 2 and Transformers Fall of Cybertron
  5. When searching for a campaign game to play, that's what I want to do...play. I hate when you join someone's game and all they want you to do is go in the gift shop so they can try to get the special heads you got. and if you do not want to trade they end the session or just want to try to kill you the whole time. Be like everyone else, Do the work in furbottoms feature and get paid.
  6. That's like asking someone to choose between Emma Watson and Emma Stone...stalemate
  7. Storming outside. all i need is to be on a boat with Hatty Hattington.

  8. I got my gamertag/user name from my hobby of collecting transformers. And since Optimus Prime is my favorite transformer I just combined Optimus with my last name
  9. " as if poseidon himself extended his hand in friendship and they spat in his mouth! "
  10. Hi I'm a newb, I enjoy all the games and play them all the time. My favorite night is the black night and recently have come to like hatty.