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  1. i should be studying current event articles for a big test tomorrow but instead im sitting here with a finger up my butt catching up on the RPF. hey everyone
  2. If we're going down the creepypasta route, I've gotta say, Candle Cove and Barbie.avi probably stick out as my favs.
  3. so, finally rediscovered the name of an old b-horror movie that i watched way back in the day that scared the hell out of me. EQUINOX.
  4. I suppose now would be a good time to check into this series for the first time, huh?
  5. every time i see someone revive this thread i get so giddy.
  6. I seriously thought someone would beat me to this one.
  7. This game is one of the main reasons I switched from Xbox to PS3. I'm too pumped.
  8. I personally don't really even enjoy watching let's plays, except for Gix. His style is really laid back and calming.
  9. I used to watch him back when he only played Amnesia, and I would only laugh at the parts when he would knock the camera over or start crying while recording. Then all of the sudden he got such a huge fanbase.
  10. I also voted for you Daikonboy. You have my honest word, sir.