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  1. i should be studying current event articles for a big test tomorrow but instead im sitting here with a finger up my butt catching up on the RPF. hey everyone
  2. If we're going down the creepypasta route, I've gotta say, Candle Cove and Barbie.avi probably stick out as my favs.
  3. so, finally rediscovered the name of an old b-horror movie that i watched way back in the day that scared the hell out of me. EQUINOX.
  4. I suppose now would be a good time to check into this series for the first time, huh?
  5. every time i see someone revive this thread i get so giddy.
  6. I seriously thought someone would beat me to this one.
  7. This game is one of the main reasons I switched from Xbox to PS3. I'm too pumped.
  8. I personally don't really even enjoy watching let's plays, except for Gix. His style is really laid back and calming.
  9. I used to watch him back when he only played Amnesia, and I would only laugh at the parts when he would knock the camera over or start crying while recording. Then all of the sudden he got such a huge fanbase.
  10. I also voted for you Daikonboy. You have my honest word, sir.
  11. PSN ID: Splufay Steam ID: Splufay I'm fun.
  12. I liked it at first, but all these updates are adding in a ton of pointless crap and is really bringing the game down as a whole.
  13. I only revived it because I assumed you had a decent amount of interest, as far as the forums go. Especially because the thread didn't end with a post from you, but from someone who wanted to get in on it. I sort of just assumed that you eventually just took it all to steam and began sorting out the details there. Sorry folks.
  14. Did you buy it on sale today, too? can't resist a good flash deal.
  15. Soooo... I just decided to finally cash in on this game. I'm taking it that this project was probably buried for good?
  16. I used to own Duke Nukem Forever on my 360 before I traded it, and it isn't as bad as everyone says it is, but I am one of the people who get turned off by the constant sexual humor of the game. It can be really funny when played off right, but a lot of times it really felt like they were throwing in jokes just for the hell of it, without any real rhyme or reason. I loved how the levels would change things up and not just be constant shooting the whole time.. being able to interact with items you find throughout the levels or having an occasional platforming challenge was really fun, but then when it was time to get back to the shooting segments it started to get dull. It's actually really hard to explain for me what the real turnoff of this game was. Because it wasn't just the humor, I wouldn't give up on a game just because of that. There was just something about this game that made it a lot less enjoyable for me than it could've been. But in the end, the game doesn't deserve all the hate it gets.
  17. Yeah, they really seem to be going all out advertising the series. I love how they use Beth in the sexy outfit as the thumbnail most of the time too. Oh well, at least they're spending money advertising something worth watching.
  18. This is an extremely entertaining series, mostly due to it's risque humor. However, I hope it doesn't follow the same path as Adventure Time and Regular Show where it starts off the series with frequent mature jokes but gradually tones them down at the series progresses... hopefully since this is a web series it'll avoid that fate, but who knows! The next episode looks pretty good though, as it looks like they're finally going on a real adventure!
  19. uh so i just stumbled across the "hommer simpson" video series on youtube. uh.