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  1. milkman's character couldn't possibly be anymore perfect.
  2. it's an okay game. play it or don't, i'll still love you either way
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_F0bgXaF7s don't need to explain myself.
  4. I agree that Spongebob isn't nearly as good as it used to be, but it's still a way to get some good laughs. Why is everyone trashing this episode, though? If anything, I was ecstatic when I heard about this episode, because I don't think they make nearly enough off model faces these days, and having an entire episode about funny faces seems like a dream to me. I have yet to watch it, though.
  5. Splufay


    I have my cat, Amber. About 3 years ago, I believe, YouTube was making that "Life in a Day" movie, where people all film some normal thing that happens during their day and then upload it on YouTube and enter it in the contest, and the best ones would make it into the finished film. I decided, hey, what not film my cat attacking me? So I gathered footage from years ago with some newer footage and mashed it all together. I ended up making it into the final 100 hours of footage, and they sent me an email saying that i needed to sign a contract, and upon reading it, it turned out I would be giving them full rights to the content and everything in the video and I didn't want that, so I never responded. Makes me wonder how far I would've made it if I had signed the contract. Anyways, here's the video. (for the first minute or so my voice is super high pitched.. it gets deeper in the second half; of course, my cat is not always like this. i had to get her annoyed before i would roll the camera. normally she's just a pretty chill cat)
  6. I'm highly interested in what the future of this thread holds.
  7. See, now I just feel like they're going to be revealing too much about the war all at once. Hopefully they pull the classic Adventure Time where once they answer a certain question, they end up creating another bundle of questions in the process. I really can't see myself enjoying the idea of having perfect knowledge on how everything in Adventure Time came into play.
  8. I'm very fond of my sixth and eight grade year. Seventh grade was horrible, but I thoroughly enjoyed sixth grade, and eight grade is probably my 2nd favorite year so far, next to freshman year. then again, everyone loves eighth grade because that's when you get to watch the live birth video.
  9. going through school choosing the easiest classes. that plan won't come back to bite you in the balloon at all.
  10. Scarabix wins, thread closed. good night everybody.
  11. I forgot to add that I also didn't like BMO Noire. In fact, to this day, that is the only episode of Adventure Time I haven't been able to watch the entire way through. I never liked BMO as a character to begin with though, so it was pretty obvious I wasn't going to see anything in this episode. Even Dream of Love was bearable enough to warrant at least one watch through.
  12. now they're going to take 7 years to make a game like that just because of that remark.
  13. Welp, season 4 has officially concluded after tonight. What did you all think? Personally, I think this is by far the greatest season of the show yet. It's finally struck gold with it's humor again (could go without the frequent fart jokes, though) and now it's even including more story arcs and it's giving us more insight on the mushroom war. I really can't look back and think of a single episode that I didn't thoroughly enjoy this season, I honestly thought that they were all great. Maybe Dream of Love wasn't that good, but every other episode was fantastic. I was even enjoying Rebecca Sugar's episodes a lot, too, which is a first for me. Anywho, what did you guys think of the finale? Could that have been an alternate dimension where the war had never happened?
  14. personally, it's his signature that's getting to me.
  15. I heard that contract was only for the first two DLC?
  16. I take back what I said in my last post. rumors are flying around about the newest DLC "Dragonborn" so far it's sounding like it might be coming to PS3 first, but again, these are only rumors. but from the sounds of it, all the people who liked Morrowind the most, will be pleased to know that this DLC sounds like it's taking us to morrowind. now if only we'd get back to cyrodiil
  17. nope, and i will probably never know. ps3 users ftw. Yeah we get allllll that juicy DLC actually, imo Dawnguard looks like utter balloon. It doesn't seem like anything except all dungeon crawling, which is fun, but i wouldn't pay an additional $20 for. Now, as for Hearthfire, you got me. That looks badass.
  18. nope, and i will probably never know. ps3 users ftw.
  19. Splufay

    Team Fortress 2

    call me old fashion, but i play the game to kill people. part of why i don't get so immersed into the trading/hat crafting is that i have no idea whether or not the items I get are super rare, and I wouldn't dare ask other people because I know there would be some smartasses making sure they tell me the wrong value and really screwing me up