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  1. oh my god i'm getting way too much enjoyment out of zeep right now.
  2. I honestly don't see what a sandwich has to do with users posting memes on these forums.
  3. cause planned gamenights turn out extremely successful on these fourms
  4. why not? What's the 2nd rule? The 2nd rule is to always follow the 1st rule.
  5. Yeah, that was beautiful. Cartoon Network had a huge birthday celebration thing yesterday and they showed birthday based episodes of all the classic shows all day long. They're still going to be showing classic shows during the weekends and stuff this whole month because they're going to be having contests like "Who was the greatest supervillan?" "Who was the best blue character?" etc etc
  6. SpongeBob reference R,I.P the guy who made SpongeBob But... he's still alive. And is busy working away at the sequel to the Spongebob Squarepants movie. fistpump
  7. SO I really hope I wasn't the only one who caught "Exit 9B" just now, which is easily the greatest episode the show has cranked out so far.
  8. actually, i think we all owe the surge to milkman's luscious breasts.
  9. I totally am the one sparking up conversations, can't you tell by me strange rewordings of the lyrics to "Breed" by Nirvana?I don't know what I'm doing right now, but I love you all. I love the song "I Love You All" by Ozzy I love the song "All You Need is Love" by The Beatles
  10. wasn't everyone talking about how these fourms have been so inactive just a few days ago?
  11. I've never been in a chatroom that's made me want to gauge my eyes out.
  12. draw me a popsicle avatar. a juicy popsicle avatar. please
  13. I prefer downloading them off the console. I use PS3 to play most of my games. Very rarely do I play MMOs on the PC. Annnnd I've pirated 3 games this past year. And then I realized my PC is a horrible gaming PC and never intend on wasting my time on trying to get good games on here ever again.