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  1. hey man i spose. you still up on coming over later to finish that science project?
  2. reminds me of this gross gif where this dude shoved a bunch of Spaghetti O's into his forskin and let it gush out. i was really mad because i love spaghetti o's and now i can't eat them seriously how can he do that to me what the hell go to hell mechazeep gah you know i don't mean that i love you but poop
  3. Good lord Scarabix, will you ever let this MLP thing go? No, you didn't just share your opinion that you didn't like it. You kept mentioning that you didn't like it and trashing everyone else when you were the only one on the thread that was against it. Not to mention that you said you have no other feelings towards bronies except for that they should all just die. The first few times you mentioned it, it was fine, but you kept shoving your opinion in everyone's faces over and over and over again. I'm pretty sure a lot of the members on this fourm would agree that the warning you got from that thread was justified.
  4. i was about to post some terminator picture or arnold schwarzenegger, but what the hell, i'm sure everyone thought the same thing as me when they read that.
  5. I really do feel that Scarabix was being wayyy too ignorant with them. These mods are all part of the community, and they let us have our fun. Just check out the Haiku Thread or the Wreck-it Ralph thread. I always have been confused where the fine line is with the sexual jokes and what not though. I mean, Alien Hominid had a building in the background that said "ENLARGE YOUR BODY PARTS," and yet the fourms claim that they want to stay family friendly. I digress, the mods are doing an excellent job and we're lucky to have such a good community going here. Even though we're in a bit of a rough patch.
  6. That's because we were trying to end the argument and discuss the show, and you continued to trash it. I've actually found this one to be hilarious, but I can see that the mods would sort of be against thing. But then again, we were making haikus about dicks in another thread, so i dunno. I remember that one. Even though the swear was brief, it was the F-bomb. That is considered to be the "grand daddy" of all swears, so to speak. Unless it was relevant to the thread, I don't see how this should result in a warning. A few times you were a bit intimidating to some of the new members. A lot deserved it, but a few didn't. I personally don't mind you being a grammar nazi, especially because I remember some mods calling out other users saying that they should use better grammar in the future. I'll miss you man. We had that huge debate about said show, but since then I like to consider ourselves friends. I can see how you're frustrated with the change, but at the same time I think you should cut them some slack, but oh well. To each their own. I hope you decide to come back, soon.
  7. You left. You left us all behind. Are you happy with this? Are you happy with what's become of us? Nah, actually, legitguy (madbest) was horrible with the necro-ing but he hasn't posted in a while, so I dunno. Everyone else is pretty a-okay though. Welcome back.
  8. ohhhohoho, just you wait until Zephyr gets here. Then you'll be sorry.
  9. Both accounts have the same ip address or something?
  10. it must have been something i eight. BLBLABLBAELBLBLEBALBELBL
  11. Birds of a Feather = Random? Does not compute.
  12. there there, it'll just be a phase that will pass through. to help you out, though... anyways i just got done running a meet for cross country and i'm one of the only people who didn't piss their pants running so i'm kind of on top of the world right now
  13. Splufay

    Team Fortress 2

    i'm not doing anything 24/7. count me in.
  14. Welcome aboard Sharpy. Your hazing ritual will be having to read every single page of the Random Post Fourm. Or to be locked in a dark room with TheTPRI for 10 minutes. Your choice.
  15. God I am loving this thread. Two years ago, a junior (I think it was a junior) attempted committing suicide in our school bathroom. He poured gasoline all over himself, and tried lighting his lighter but couldn't. He then reported himself to the office. That was a huge buzz around town for at least a month.
  16. in seventh grade on the first day after spring break, i updated my facebook status saying 'School + Explosion = : )' and a parent reported me and I got a two day out of school suspension. While I was out, they had speakers go around to every class talking about online safety and stuff.
  17. i'd be more concerned about the game actually being released instead of it it'll appear on steam.