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  1. Leave it to these fourms to have a conversation of dicks through haiku. Let us pray that this flies over the mod's heads, as they might not enjoy this.
  2. soon bbt is going to be in production longer than castle crashers was.
  3. whoops. LAST YEAR AROUND AUGUST: Dan mentions that BBT has been in production for around 2.5 years. Castle Crashers took 3.5, so at this point, the Behemoth can still make a valid point by saying "CASTLE CRASHERS TOOK ABOUT THIS LONG" But now, if we were to pass up August without any word of a release date, The Behemoth can no longer compare BBT's production time to Castle Crasher's, as BBT is soon going to be over 3.5 years in production, making it longer than the wait for Castle Crashers.
  4. I was just looking at the FAQ thread, and at that time it had been updated around August last year. There was an answer stating that the game was currently in development for about 2.5 years, which was one year short of Castle Crasher's development time. Well, now they're going to be passing that up very quickly, so they can no longer use the excuse "So far, Castle Crashers took longer than this." harharhar
  5. Me, I prefer it In my butthole. I enjoy keeping it classy
  6. I know, I know, right now a dictionary could use my activity on this thread as the definition of hypocrite, but it wasn't until shortly after that I realized how ridiculous the fighting nonsense was. (however, back then the thread was a discussion about bronies, not the show itself) but really all hypocrites and wrongness aside nao, the best course of action would be to just mooooooove along.
  7. I watched a gameplay video showcasing the camera while you web sling. i nearly freaking hurled. which is extremely weird because i've never felt dizzy or anything from a videogame ever, but jesus.
  8. That got my attention. got a pic?
  9. No point was made from the argument, and if the argument were to continue no point WOULD be made. Each side of the debate has considerable pros and cons. Try not to bring the argument back up and just talk about the show in general, as is the purpose of the thread.
  10. I remember on one of my first fourms this was a fun little thread to have. Just take a screenshot of your desktop and let's see how cluttered it is or what kind of disturbingly funny pictures you have as a background. For me, I went on the Adventure Time art blog and saved a bunch of the backgrounds they posted, and put them all in a folder and set them as a slideshow for my desktop. NOW ITS LIKE I'M FREAKING TAKING A TOUR THROUGH THE LAND OF OOO 24/7. as for actual icons, I keep most of them on my taskbar at the bottom so they don't get all cluttered up on the actual desktop.
  11. We need to make a betting thread on how often we think Scarabix is trippin out.
  12. good god now i've just spent that past hour reading up on varg and a ton of other black metal stories of psychopaths gjkasdlgjsakl;gjd AND ZEPHYR. THAT IS A VERY INTRIGUING ARRANGEMENT OF SMILEYS.
  13. Well then. Any news of her? She was shot the following year. Do you feel better now?
  14. Are you talking about this? Because that wasn't The Behemoth, it was just an unofficial list by me of the songs people posted on the BBT Music Submissions Thread on Newgrounds. Any songs that were posted there, no matter how good or bad, were added to the list. All it took was for the author to post their song on the thread for it to be added to the list. The music that seems to have been added to BBT so far is a lot more not disappointing (appointing?) in comparison. I kinda wanted to get a little voting system going on that list, but it never really took off. THAT was it. Thanks for clearing that up. bit of a relief, actually. You're going to make the wait a lot worse on yourself if you try over analyzing every little video or detail released about the game.
  15. Skyrim really made the series mainstream. I started the series at Oblivion, and Oblivion is easily my favorite video game ever. I tried out Daggerfall, and it's pretty cool, but I can't really get myself into it. I also tried out Morrowind, but I was having some technical difficulties not to mention I was stuck inside a dungeon where I would get killed at every turn.
  16. I, for one, am just glad to finally see a post on the blog that isn't Castle Crashers figures or Alien Hominid leaderboard related. The music, that has been bugging me a bit. I remember back when they were taking submissions, and they had a page with all the submitted tracks on it. I listened to quite a bunch and none of them even compared to Castle Crasher's quality, but again, that was just a handful of them, so I'm hoping there are some gems in the midst of all the tracks.
  17. Adventure Time has really evolved over the 2 and a half-ish years it's been on the air it started off as a completely random show, and was extremely hilarious because of it, but it soon started changing it's humor, and now the humor isn't as in your face as it used to be, and now I find myself going through entire episodes without even smiling, but it's not really a bad thing, because the writing on the show is fantastic now as they're starting to create overarching storylines and the show has brilliant continuity. ANYWAYS Regular Show is amazing but as Zephyr said, some episodes can be meh. In fact, he gave it more credit than I would. Some episodes can be downright horrid to me. And as I said before, the show seems to be headed on a downhill slope right now... I really hope they improve things soon.
  18. Well, it seems like there's enough fans of the show on this website to warrant it's own thread. To sum the show up; it's about two park workers who take a normal everyday task and about 7-8 minutes through the episode screw up royally which ends up summoning some sort of monster, or abnormal beast, or something in that sort of weird nature. Lately I've noticed the show is really losing it's steam, and it's trying to focus too much on Mordecai and Margaret and all that jazz, which doesn't really appeal to me. My favorite episode hands down has to be The Best Burger In The World.
  19. So while I was reading this I was thinking to myself the whole time 'omgomg i'm gonna be so freaking hilarious when i comment saying that i would enjoy playing the game on atari 2600' only to find that it was already included in the polls. ...still voting for it, though
  20. Now THAT'S persuasion! At first I was excited for this, but the more I'm seeing of it, the more hope is getting brutally slaughtered.