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  1. The pack would contain Pipistrello (thanks bluenite xD) and his magic R+Y=Shoots a huge lazer as you level it up it gets longer (just like Blacksmith Tongue) rt+b= throws mini robot hands, Magic jump= The Tube that comes out of the ground in the boss battle and when you go up it has the timer and explodes dealing fire damage

    Since hes a good Creator of Electrical things, The lazer will be epic

  2. BFG these are horrible ideas. Especially about the ones about insane mode. If the Behemoth ever impliments any of these I'm going over to your house, beating you up, and taking your lunch money.

    There actually great ideas (:, Thank you, Some people have opinions and we dont need you bringing down a member because you don't like his idea

  3. What, are you guys trying to pick fights? He's just asking about Hatty, there's no need to go after him for a decision The Behemoth made.

    If you guys wanna discuss it, that's all good, leave it in the appropriate thread. There's no excuse to be going around in threads like this and putting other users down just because you disagree with something The Behemoth did.

    are you a 256 fanboy?

    O: AWWW SNAPPPPPPPP, Sushi has been figured out >:)

  4. I'd Play every other character :D , its very fun unlocking everyone, and i remember whenever i had the Brown Turban wearing desert wanderer, This was back when no one had him, Lol everyone would be like WOAH BRAH whered ya get him, and my answer was, Beat the game (;, Thats why its fun doing it, Good rewards, And you get all the woman you want (Princesses)

  5. So it's been a few days since the update and the removal of the 256s. I have to say I've noticed a dramatic change in the community as a result. It's so much easier to find matches, I don't see as many people getting booted by the host for no reason, and communication between randoms is so much more civil now.

    It's as if a breath of fresh air has been breathed in and to be honest its about time. I've met more new people who love this game in the last 3 days then I have in the last six months. Now that one of the worst hacks in gaming history has been fixed I feel as if this game can be truely enjoyed for what it is, one of the best XBL archade games ever made. :arrow:

    Amen brother :P