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  1. September 11th To Support the people lost in 9/11, That would be very nice of Behemoth to do ^^
  2. Dude there is a Post about this, Lock it ^^
  3. Heck Yeah (: this was awesome, We had to wait So long for the pink Knight, And now we have the coolest ANd most Skilled/Legendary Crasher of all....The blacksmith (: w00t and abuncha new weapons, Well 360 will always have more weapon than the ps3 version i think..Considering they got rid of the 2x4 and we have the rubble handled sword so yeah
  4. I searched and there were no posts about the french guy in the industrial Castle, But this seems to be the only Boss who can definetly be a playable character, But he isnt one =/ Why is he left out? Hes already in the Game, So why not?
  5. Well....Probally Not considering BBT will come out on 360 first (w00t) and You need BBT to unlock Hatty, Or maybe they will Sell it for the PS3 Via Marketplace
  6. Im pretty sure Modders Or Former 256ers have the Lighting Rod, I might be wrong about the 256...But the modders definetly have it
  7. Lack of paying for things? You saved 2 dollars congrats...and The Paying on the 360 is better because more money for the behemoth=Win, Ps3 gets it free...Meh here ya go... ONline is definetly better...Everyone knows ps3 online sucks balloon, Its free Nuff said, and We may of gotten the pink knight late, But its because there were many matters at hand to fix glitches add extras to the game etc...Now we have The Purple Knight, AKA the Blacksmith...Whos the Best, and insane store? have fun Getting the gold...I can just pay a couple bucks for the DLC, and theres no point in shining on the insane store...360 has used those weapons already..For a long time lmao, You have volleyball, We have quaff, So its a balance
  8. Btw, Dan, What system do you prefer? Ps3? Or Xbox 360?
  9. Sorry, Kinda way too lazy atm, but w/e
  10. and another thing.....Ahem BLACKSMITH FTWWWW HAHAHAH
  11. Well 360 players, Just a notice, When you get into the Second Place Of the Wizard castle interior THe main boss has a Skull on his floor Thats an x with a New wooden looking spoon, Just FYI ^^, May be more secret weapons so be on the lookout, I think they added a few secret weps with the DLC/Title Update
  12. Honestly IF you get one hit with a juggle its your fault, Its in the game, Deal with it, and honestly....hes right One hits RARELY happen and you know what, They take alot of skill to kill someone, and if you do get killed from one juggle...Then damn you just got owned because thats some skill, Lets see you One hit someone in the air
  13. This is about how much of that post matters after the first hit of the juggle has taken place. If spending 5 minutes going in and out of the multiplayer menu trying to find an Arena match only to have it decided by a single strike is your idea of a great time, you should take up some rock paper scissors. It's only a single strike if you make it, And if its a single strike that just means A. You suck B. You cant Block and C. Your just plain stupid, Its not that hard to own a juggler really....You have so many supplies You just dont use them wisely..., Your fault you get owned
  14. Mhm, Sit there draining there life away because they dont know how to simply time a Boomerang throw when you miss a juggle and land....or simply Press RT+Y to knock you on the ground, Or actually have the skill to simply BLOCK,or Press B and knock your poop on the ground and Kill you with arrows...Honestly if you can get someone in a Arrow lock...Its a win, If your a noob and probally just have terrible aim and dont know how to Flippin dodge and Be mobile then your gonna get Juggled and owned, It takes skill to dodge jugglers, Maybe you should learn it sir
  15. So...... you can juggle in the ground? Any tactic that can't be stopped is OP, therefore unbalance, therefore cheap /Opinion Again...Not unbalanced considering YOU CAN DO IT TOO, wanna know what unbalanced is? When a red knight walks up to you and Stuns you with its Lightning magic and sucks the energy out of you when you have a Crappy arrow falling from the sky, that can be considered unbalanced considering both skills are different and the other player cant use it, But with juggling both players have the ability, So on the scale its balanced....
  16. Its unbalanced? how is it unbalanced if everyone Is allowed to Use it?
  17. I'd like to change this sentence a bit to reflect my thoughts on juggling. Because of juggling, arena battles now focus less on less fighting and magic, and more on who can juggle the other player first. I'd also like to change that statement, Juggling is a door opener IN the combat system ^^ and Talking about how they only use juggling...What if they only used there primary Magic...Then could i cry about people spamming there magic? No i cant because its Built into the Game, and so is juggling, even if they didnt mean to put it in..Its still a part of the game
  18. Thats right i agree 100%, People just cry about it..Like Many Babies because they lose and when people who lose from "cheap" skills They cry , They cant understand the fact that in every single game theres atleast one way of being the best, Like Juggling (:
  19. Thats like saying Try beating the game without moving, Magic, Slashing, Etc. There all part of the game, And so is Juggling
  20. Because when they re coded the game they added the dlc into the game, it would take them allot of more work having to release these dlc one by one. You got to have the dlc before the people that didn't pay, and by that little amount of money for such a great thing.. you should be greatfull to the behemoth. That's a "?" not a "." I don't think I deserve more, I just think that your being a little brat. But that's not what I am asking in that question. I am simply asking a question. Think about how you associated it for a moment. from the looks of your respons I would say that you think i deserve more, Am I right? SOulfly....Over 1mil People have played CC on Xbox 360 Please add up the amount of Money TOTAL Spent on the DLC, And tell me its fair you guys got it free (:, We gave Behemoth all that money
  21. Industrial Castle....Hate that bombing piece of poopers there ): Even though they commit suicide by hitting themselves xD so its a little good on my behalf
  22. Meh, Honestly i try to beat insane with others...But theres too many 256's So i try to solo...I have about 4 GOld skulls X_X I promise to beat insane mode with Pride with pink Knight though (:
  23. Ok, Juggling is Fair considering its in the game and Behemoth Doesnt really gie a poop about it...If it was so unfair they wouldve done something about it, Its part of the game There is no unfair, Its like saying about Gears of war, AHHH THAT CHAINSAW NOOOOBBB, They didnt put it in the game for no reason, Its part of the Combat system, People who juggle dont just Use the juggle They also use magic thats such a lie about them only Being juggle person who trade services , Im a juggler...Well hell Everyone i know on CC is a juggler because its part of the game and its incredibly fun, No offense but if i couldnt juggle i wouldnt play as much because it would be less fun, Yes No juggling in insane mode would be challenging...But thats stupid, Its a good technique and Part of the game so why not use it? and dont say OH CUZ IT CHEAP...AND STEWPID....AND MAKE ME ANGRY cuz um ppl like Own me n stuffs...(: Honestly i think people who cant juggle worth poop are just mad that in games People find new techniques to be top dog...and they just need to get used to it, Great example IJJI Gunz if anyone has ever heard of it xD K-Style...It Turned that game Right around