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  1. I'd wanna see A xbox 360 castle crashers...Who shoots exploding ps3s from the air and thats his RT+Y move and his RT+B move would be wads of cash considering Microsoft ish Rich, same with Ps3 CC
  2. It has nothing to do whit post count. And just playing the game doesn't make you creditable for more stuff, just stfu and live whit what you got.. Listen to sushi he makes valuable points.. And now you got the big honor of having Dan post in your topic, It can't get better then that. Doesnt matter what post counts? Then why are you calling me a loser and Making fun of my under ten posts?
  3. Yes but We Gave them The support to make them Shine first (: thats my point, Ps3 Gave them the Leftovers Xbox 360 gave them the whole meal, And yes Paladin Commenting on my Page is pretty epic.... made my morning
  4. So I am a fleepin Weener now am I? Whatever, the fact that I have been here to show support to the creators way longer then you speaks for itself. Who deserves extra content the most? The lonely balloon --- that made less then 10 posts about how he deserves more then everyone else for no reason, Or the guy that waited for over a year before the release of the game to chat whit other people about how he wished to play the game? So...Because i made less than ten posts...Even though i've Been on newgrounds since i was just a little Wee kid....played All the oldest games on Newgrounds the day they came, Played alien hominid the second it was released on the Newgrounds site, And bought it for ps2 the day it came, Played CC the Demo, Bought CC the second it came out and have been very active on it since, beaten it with every character, and Go on the forums every single day of my life To read what these wondering minds have to fun, So dont Use the posts excuse i guarantee i have more experience than your fat lazy Thinking hes cool for posting balloon, Just because you can type and Reply to people doesnt make you better than me
  5. Xelrog THis is about Castle crashers...This is not about other games, and Soul fly your Entrance shows me your a fleepin Weener face...No offense, By the way you speak to others (:, yes we got half Price...Maybe its because it was the #1 arcade game and We shined so much damn light on it Its because WE DESERVED IT ps3 hasnt done jack shizz.... and your saying just because you didnt get quaff you get to have never before played content? thats a little BS...and it still, after all this time did not come out for us Waiting and eager 360 players, and the Rubber handled sword was a glitch, It wasnt meant to be in the game, Behemoth didnt Give us that...It was a mistake< its coming out in a future DLC, and Behemoth is working on The 256, Even if we do have that..Which is there fault For not Resetting the Leaderboards..Now its too late considering its been such a long time, They chose to release it on xbox 360 because Microsoft is a Very Powerful Company...
  6. And how would you feel if Your community shined light on something and took pride in it and the other Community which didnt help with Shizz gets the Free stuff and extra add ons earlier? (:
  7. The way i meant sell out was Wrong, I edited it considering i wasnt thinking...But my point is Ps3 users shouldnt get Free DLC and extra add ons in game for free Volleyball New weps Etc., There is no "late" excuse...And im sure you were not craving it for 1.5 years, Considering you have many games to play (:, Xbox 360 deserves More
  8. Sorry but im sick of All these ps3 players Saying We got it late..You didnt get it late it was out for xbox 360 first I highly Doubt any Ps3 users were Sitting in there room in the feedle position for two years going "i need CC NAOWWWW" so dont bizzle over it being late...Ps3 users were completely oblivious of CC anyways until it came out fo rthem, and when it did they were like...Oh this is pretty sweet, They werent like...OH MY GOD FINALLLLYYYY GOD HAS SAVED USSS HE ISSS REALLLL!!!!, its not like that at all...2 years late is a buncha BS and some mods not naming any names need to stop Spamming around Saying they deserve free DLC and add ons we dont have because its "late" us xbox users in my eyes is the REASON it went to ps3 so Ps3 users should be kissing our feet, If this game failed they probally wouldnt bring it to another platform considering its not worth it...So thank us Ps3 nation and thank us Behemoth for making your CC such a great success and being there for you in the beginning and helping spread the Great news of CC across XBLA and making you guys sell Millions of CC arcade Games Which therefore You created all these extra figurines and t shirts...Why? because XBLA made users go crazy for CC we made you guys that much more famous....Xbox 360 deserves better than this! <33 still love Kelly, And dan and tom, But seriously ^^ <333 THE LATE PEWP IS SUCH BEE ESS
  9. yes, we added a bunch of stuff to PSN Castle. I dont think its fair just because its new doesn't mean you have to leave 360 behind WE WERE THERE FIRST, WE WERE HERE we voted and made CC the number one arcade game and we dont get nothing! give us a exclusive character for having you guys the Number one arcade game! we made you guys popular...
  10. Just because it's a skill doesn't mean it's fair. I once got an opponent down to very low life, without juggling once (he was juggling, of course), you know what happened? He got me stuck in a corner and juggled me to death, and there was no way to escape. It takes much more skill to beat an opponent if no juggling is involved. At that point it's more dependent on fighting and less dependent on using one particular button combination over and over. It is fair its part of the game ^^