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  1. I still play it all the time, so do a bunch of my friends.
  2. It's the Can't Stop Crying pack, that's what everyone's got.
  3. I was surprised that it WAS free. I was perfectly willing to pay for it since it was all going to charity anyway. The problem is, if it just failed the quality check or whatever, and they're still trying to push through it might have to keep it's $2 price simply because that's how it was when they tried to submit it. I guess my only consolation is that all the money The Behemoth gets goes to charity?
  4. What the heck is this Spoon everyone is talking about, I've been with a bunch of 256 people and have yet to see it.
  5. Gem Sword is Hatty's starting weapon. And that would make it a new weapon. The blacksmith's hammer is his starting weapon, but that counts as a new weapon.
  6. I'm getting on Live in about an hour to help a couple people and give them the claw, If you wanna join I can give you anything you need. I have all of the weapons in the game besides the Can't Stop Crying DLC weapons.
  7. I still think the Claw thing was originally intended to be in the Blacksmith pack, but removed last minute from the Unlock. But it's obviously still in the game's coding and the 256 bug unlocked it for them.
  8. The claw might also be something that was originally intended to be in The Blacksmith Pack (I mean, there are only 4 pictures on the thing but it still says there would be 5 new weapons.) The Can't Stop Crying Pack also says it only comes with 4 weapons and if you count the claw, there are 5 new weapons in the video. The Whale however is also probably a glitch from the 256 bug. My guess is that the Title update has all of the information for the DLC Packs, and are now on our games and in our update, and the DLC that we buy is just an unlock for the packs. Now if that's the case, the guy could have hacked the game and just unlocked Hatty to show off. Seeing as his RT+Y attack is that golden whale, and the description on the Asian Playstation site says it'll come with "a valuable new animal orb." I'm pretty sure there is no legitimate way to get it right now, and is nothing more than a bug. Having said this though, I have no idea how else the Niko guy or whatever his name is could have unlocked Hatty if he wasn't already on the game. I could be completely wrong though because I don't know how the DLC works and what exactly was in the Title Update.
  9. I guess that confirms the Can't Stop Crying pack too? Not that I had too much doubt seeing as the Blacksmith pack was true.
  10. I was playing on Live and someone I just met had this third new item, which seems to be a huge claw sword thing. Kinda like Wolverine or Freddy Krueger. If someone wants to get on and take a look at it/get it from me, just message me on live. GT: WatchGrassGrow
  11. I keep seeing stuff about this whale. What is it, an Animal Orb or something?
  12. It's been like 2 months with almost no word on it though. I know they're probably working real hard, but come on... a real update on the situation would be amazing.
  13. Well after seeing a lot of game footage, I must say the dialog isn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it does hit and miss a lot. Sometimes what they say is pure gold, other times I shake my head thinking "And someone thought that would be funny?" Overall though I like what I see, and if my copy ever gets to my house I'll have a lot of fun with the game.
  14. No, it looks completely awesome in that sense. Its SUPPOSED to look like the cheesiest B-movie ever. And it surpasses that expectation and adds lines like "You scared the DICK OFF ME!" Maybe in your opinion, but in my opinion spamming "Dick dick dick" a lot doesn't make it Cheesy B-Movie. It makes it stupid.
  15. I'm kinda excited for the game, because the gameplay looks interesting but the "Controversy" surrounding it kinda bothers me. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't care less about swearing and things like that but this game really seems to go out of it's way to take it to another level and it just looks completely stupid in that sense. Either way, I have it pre-ordered. If I don't like it, at least there's the Gears 3 Beta.