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  1. Well turret Hatty uses the air horn and uses the crank for the finales because its part of the game, him moving for those parts of the game don't connect with the storyline. Also has anyone noticed that at the end when you're running away with Hatty to the S.S Friendship in the backround there is a rectangle head with a baseball cap on? Because I have noticed it and I looked through my rectangle heads many times and haven't found it. So does this mean there could be a new star head coming out in the near future?
  2. I think this is a great idea besides its not complicated besides the behemoth loves their customisation!
  3. Well I actually said Trade person who trade services.... I think I don't remember but somehow it got changed.
  4. I think trading furbottoms head for the man birth head was dumb because man birth was free but for furbottom you had to complete a playlist.
  5. My name ThatCreepyBear originated from the Pedobear meme. I loved the meme so much I decided to make it my name ;D Here he is if you we're wondering what he looked like ;3
  6. I think that they should be called Trade person who trade services xD. What do you think ?
  7. I met this guy, he doesn't have 20 star heads he only has like 3... It seems like this guy is getting the GT mixed up or he is trying to frame someone.
  8. I'd say it will take a year and a half max, just because the Behemoth are gonna be giving away holiday heads and they will probably start having two a week instead of one. So yeah a year and a half max probably just a year though.
  9. I know this isn't the place for this but I couldn't find the thread. People have been talking about the ending of the game and the hat and hatty and stuff like that I was just in the hall of heroes looking at the pictures and noticed that furbottom is holding the hat but its green just like it is at the end of the game. Does anyone know what this means cause I am super confused about all this.
  10. Are you sure he/she wasn't part of The Behemoth? If he/she was maybe he/she would have a few extra heads.
  11. I think it would be awesome to see that dinosaur in the game And. If your wondering where it's in the middle row 5th picture in the hall of dudes.
  12. It's so weird I thought I had him. I checked likes few days ago when I was going through my heads and I swear I saw him but it says I don't have him now.... Hmmmmm.