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  1. How about having a belt to buckle your pants at the end of the game.
  2. Hatty is my favorite character out of all. He looks awesome and his attacks are just amazing. A whale just comes down bombing the enemy, how is that not awesome?
  3. Everyone likes chicken.
  4. Banned for an absurd reason to ban someone!
  5. My favorite is battleblock theater because -You can make maps -Customize your character -and the narrator
  6. Not much of a threat in the beginning chapters. as you go into 5+ chapters, they'll be the reason you rage quit. sawblades and rocketbots
  7. I hope everyone is enjoying summer so far!

  8. I think that you should add more decorations in making levels. If you go to the last level in each chapter (not the encores) it has a lot of decorations. I think it would make our levels even cooler!
  9. Today is the first day of summer!!

  10. 1 Day of school left for me!

  11. i have Reginald from the Intro of the game. My favorite head so far!
  12. I was eating junior mints when i was making my account. I also like Junior Mints so i chose that.
  13. No words. No questions. I would buy this.