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  1. Hey guys, as far as I know my internet connection is not a problem but I am having such a hard time on Xbox Live games connecting to multiple players within Arena matches, sometimes Campaign and even Ranked matches. Let me go into detail on what is exactly happening with an example: So I'm playing in a party of 3 (including myself), with my husband whose on another system in another room, and my brother-in-law who lives across town. We join a game and for a couple of minutes I can see the 4th player whose playing with us, but then the 4th player appears to glitch, and blow up, and is no longer on my screen at all. I assume that the player has left the game but in fact my husband and brother-in-law are fighting with him, or at least on my screen fighting with air. They even tell me that he is there, and that I just must be crazy or having a one-time issue. On the gem allocation screen the 4th player is missing, at least for me, but is visible with the other 2 in my party. This sort of thing, where my xbox, or profile or something, not connecting to certain players happens whether or not I am in a party or playing alone over Xbox Live. It can also make 2 of 4 players invisible to myself. And sometimes its hard to tell whether a person has really left or is just now invisible for me. I am also having a lot of screens telling me, when it kicks me out of a game, that connection with the host has been lost; or connection with other players has ended. Although this sort of thing has been helping my ranked matches by prematurely ending them and boosting my score, thats beside the point as half the time I do not know whether its my xbox now or them. I'll change some settings around if that will help but I do not know what to fix. Thanks guys!
  2. Hey Everyone! When I first started playing BBT and I recieved the Purrham Furbottom head I thought (at the time) that that particular features map was insanely difficult for a beginning player. Needless to say I only saw the map for 2 or so days before it reset into something else and I never put it on the favorites list; as I was unaware of how it all worked. Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows what the map was called as I would Love to try and play it again now. Thanks!