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  1. I'm sorry but I don't mean to brag.I have all achievements except for co-op insane,all heads(even all star heads),and have beaten insane mode+normal mode+normal co-op.I also play challenge mode online but people always literally rage quit because I am so fast(no joke). My gamertag: squidster75 (on Xbox Live)
  2. Hey Dan,I have been liking your style of art since the first game and have followed Behemoth's games because of it from Alien Hominid-Battle Block Theater.I don't want to be the guy to ask you but I have the chance so..... Are you able to tell us what the new game is or at least what ideas are being thrown around because I sadly have completed BattleBlock Theater and don't really have anything to do anymore,so it would be nice to have some hope for a new game!
  3. manbirth is the father's day head.I have an extra,so I will give that away to SkullKid.
  4. I have 700 gems sitting on my BBT,insane mode trophy,all heads,all star heads available,and I am willing to help anyone complete BBT

  5. I think a good game suggestion is.................... CASTLE CRASHERS 2!!!!!!!!!! All new characters+original knights! Original boss returns as a good guy or something..... New adventure! Minigames! Multiplayer features such as:4 player Co-op,original arena,all you can quaff,cosmetic unlocks for your character(s). New weapons(One should be something from BBT/Castle Crashers
  6. I have an extra one,I will give it to you for free. My Xbox Live Gamertag is:squidster75