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  1. I'm pretty sure this topic has NOTHING to do with the forum section, "Gift Shop."
  2. In a 2 part trade they ran off with the majority of my gems and i would suggest you not scam. Maybe someone who you scam can hack your account.
  3. I think he means that he could have gotten more than 1 head for 60 gems
  4. So i was playing trying to grt a head from trading, and got scammed twice. I decided to make this post so people can go here and report scammers and help us all. So to start this post off, here are the 2 scammers i found: Scammer 1s GT: twiceasbigasurs Scammer 2s GT: xAmpharosx
  5. if you have the toast we might be able to do business
  6. I am looking for the toast head and can offer any regular head i have and and special i have except furbottom, the knight and Alien Hominid. Msg my gamertag "ghostwalk360" if interested. Thanks!
  7. Trading: anything i have except castle crashers, hominid, and furbottom Looking for: toast My gt is ghostwalk360 so just send me a friend request with a messege saying i come here bearing toast, or something like that.
  8. If cat controll is the UFO, I can get that for you for the toast head
  9. Something similar happened to me. I was in a lobby and this guy said he hacked the game and gave everyone 500 gems. he also said he had about 33000 gems to spare. i dont remember the GT, but i hope the hack gets patched soon.