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  1. I am trying to buy the winston head. I have the variety of every head except Winston, and not to mention the amount of gems and yarn i have amassed. I can meet nearly every request. However if you read this post soon after it is posted it is possible i cannot trade until i have XBOX access. You can message me here or add me via XBOX. GT: McNastySlayer. Thank you for your time and offers.
  2. Can i have a Winston head? i will pay 1,000 + gems if not for free.
  3. Paying 1,000 + for Winston head. Contact me via XBOX gt: McNastySlayer
  4. Looking for Winston, same as usuall, but i am willing to pay up to 5,000 gems. contact me via XBOX McNastySlayer
  5. Wanting the Winston head

  6. Looking for Winston head: Willing to pay up to 10K Gems. Message me Via McNastySlayer on XBOX
  7. It may be too late, but is there anyway you could trade me a Wintson head? Every thread that has offered one is either taken or out of my reach,