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  1. I just started playing this game called Cosmic Break,it is pretty fun.
  2. BlckN1nja767


    Has anyone played Minecraft with Deamau5?
  3. Yes,in response to what he said about my avatar.And also if you look at his sig,the cherry picture.
  4. That's even better,since I already have Steam. Excellent job and a definite buy!
  5. I logon about everyday, sine I have usually nothing to do after school.
  6. Banned because you can never trust a Milk Man and since you let him off the hook, he is probably running crazy as we speak!! YOU FOOL!!!
  7. Well yes, you can get crappy shamans but not always. Which is why it is fun to play with friends, so you can all test out shammy moves and such. But then again,it does get annoying after a while,so at least you give reasons why.
  8. Why everybody hate this game? Its awesome people!!!!!!
  9. The game is moody. Its happy or its pissed.
  10. Banned because is is "banned" not "baned"
  11. So it is on Xbox360? Cool,I am getting one probably. When is the planned release date?
  12. Colin came up with 273 more uses for the ice tray than you ever will, but he can only act them out. Use [circular saw blade] with [dog]. As we all expected,the dog easily chews the crap put of that defenseless saw blade,whirring at 40 mph. Use food with Michael Moore.
  13. BANNED BECAUSE YOU POINTED OUT MY MISTAKES (crap,I knew I was missing something)
  14. I will expect a free copy of the game, sent to this address: Game looks fricking awesome (second house on the left with the stone). Nice job,how much will it cost?