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  1. The wiki says you should unlock him when launching the full version of BBT on Xbox live. But i don't get him.
  2. #1 Castle Crashers #2 Battleblock Theater #3 (I don't play alot of different games)
  3. Aw... I want it, but sadly i have never seen anything about it on steam... EDIT: It's the ONLY sword i'm missing.
  4. 1: I reached the max amount of quotes 2: are you on the mobile version?It works now. I am I don't know what to say
  5. Playing as my green knight (100% complete) is pretty boring now cos theres nothing else to do then helping my friends. The thing that keeps me playing is trying to get other characters to lvl 99 and a gold skull.
  6. Yea but the damage gets pretty low when you hit like 1 or 2 enemies. Also as the red knight you have to stand still when using the splash attack, so enemies can attack you from behind.
  7. Maybe something where Lvl 80+ characters can equip a flag.
  8. #1 Painter boss #2 UFO escape (Technically not a boss, but i consider it so) #2.5 Necromancer i like blocking his attacks because it's like a 1v1 fight. I hate the waves of enemies... #3 Giant troll (Both Parade and Abandoned mill)
  9. I started with green knight after my CC crashed and i lost my data At first i played as orange knight, and when i played online i didnt see anyone play as green knight.
  10. Title says it all. My personal favorite is the ninja just because i love the magic (If a dev is reading this please post you're favorite char too, i really want to know the favorites of the devs.)