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  1. Fluffy kitten

    No Steam Roll Victim #1 Unlock

    K thanks. Lock this.
  2. Fluffy kitten

    No Steam Roll Victim #1 Unlock

    The wiki says you should unlock him when launching the full version of BBT on Xbox live. But i don't get him.
  3. Fluffy kitten

    What Are Your Top 3 Games

    #1 Castle Crashers #2 Battleblock Theater #3 (I don't play alot of different games)
  4. Fluffy kitten

    Rubber Handle Sword On Psn!

    Aw... I want it, but sadly i have never seen anything about it on steam... EDIT: It's the ONLY sword i'm missing.
  5. Fluffy kitten

    A Little Rusty...

  6. Fluffy kitten

    Gold Skull Count

    Yes! I have one on green knight!
  7. Fluffy kitten

    Quote Train!

    1: I reached the max amount of quotes 2: are you on the mobile version?It works now. I am I don't know what to say
  8. Fluffy kitten

    Why Do You Like Castle Crashers?

    Playing as my green knight (100% complete) is pretty boring now cos theres nothing else to do then helping my friends. The thing that keeps me playing is trying to get other characters to lvl 99 and a gold skull.
  9. Fluffy kitten

    What Is Your Favorite Cc Character And Why?

    I don't know how i posted this topic twice...
  10. Fluffy kitten

    What Are The Best Characters To Play As?

    Yea but the damage gets pretty low when you hit like 1 or 2 enemies. Also as the red knight you have to stand still when using the splash attack, so enemies can attack you from behind.
  11. Fluffy kitten

    DLC Ideas Thread

    Maybe something where Lvl 80+ characters can equip a flag.
  12. Fluffy kitten

    DLC Ideas Thread

    Weapons are very OP.
  13. Fluffy kitten

    Who is / who are your favorite Castle Crashers Boss?

    #1 Painter boss #2 UFO escape (Technically not a boss, but i consider it so) #2.5 Necromancer i like blocking his attacks because it's like a 1v1 fight. I hate the waves of enemies... #3 Giant troll (Both Parade and Abandoned mill)
  14. Fluffy kitten

    Favorite Starter Character

    I started with green knight after my CC crashed and i lost my data At first i played as orange knight, and when i played online i didnt see anyone play as green knight.
  15. Title says it all. My personal favorite is the ninja just because i love the magic (If a dev is reading this please post you're favorite char too, i really want to know the favorites of the devs.)