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  1. Who hasn't logged on in a very long time
  2. They should call it the Edge of Edginess just to piss Tim Langdell off.
  3. I liked that, but is that the single player or a multiplayer thing? It doesn't look like it has the deepest of gameplay elements for single player, although I can see that would be epic win in multiplayer.
  4. It will be awesome, and cool. It should have ninjas, and pirates, and lots and lots of decapitation. A free roaming RPG would be leetness.
  5. TROLL TROLL TROLL. Troll = Awesomeivitudeity. Yes I just invented a word to desribe the awesomeness of a troll plushy. THAT is how awesome one would be.
  6. Hmm, I'm thinking the aquarium, and for the song, I'd personally like to see "Man for all Seasons" by Robbie williams. Just think it'd go well with the barbarian's holiday. EDIT: Impoc, if you're in Dublin in Ireland while you're in Europe make sure to say so ^^
  7. ever played arena in WoW? Well worth a sponsorship if you're skilled. Yeah, it was... easy? I only did it once or twice before I quit WoW though. Everything about WoW take zero skill, especially if you're a mage or hunter, or rogue.
  8. Bring many bombs for use on the last two waves. Also use hawkster for food.
  9. I felt worse killing the groom than harvesting the little girls in bioshock. I think they were best friends as neither could be mechanical as both have souls. you can see this when you kill in wizard castle.
  10. Noone really remembers one thing: BRING LOTS OF BOMBS. Bombs hurt everything for lots of damage, and when enemies bunch together in the later parts of the arena, you can blow them away.
  11. Destructoid already did this, only... slightly different. And how can you have a professional gaming sponsorship in WoW? It's really, really easy. I mean the easiest game in existence. (Destruction warlocks ftw)
  12. The green guy's magic is not great against bosses that it can't poison as most of his dmg comes from the three ticks after the initial hit. He is very nasty in the arena though.
  13. Blue for me. She's so cute when she smiles at you across the sea, then gets pulled back into the ice castle ^^
  14. What should the behemoth do to pink godzilla in return for covering their pretty booth in toilet paper? I'm thinking just a whole load of violence. But that's just me.