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  1. jus go to the gamefaqs message board. it has threads on all the unlockables. weapons, characters and animal orbs. i got all of the orbs im working on characters and weapons tho.
  2. i unlocked the periwinkle knight, barbarian, theif, gray knight, royal guard and some other character i dont know the name to. i also got troll, giraffey (you gotta dig him up somewhere in the desert) scratchpaw, rammy i think? the snail one, again, i forget the name, cardinal and thats all i unlocked. you get the royal guard by beating the story with the green knight. and you unlock the barbarian, thief and periwinkle knight by doing the first arena, the thieves arena and the volcano arena. for troll and scratchpaw i believe you need bombs, scratchpaw does for sure. Edit: and i also got bitey bat owlet and seahorse im proabably missing a few others but i think you get my point
  3. nah you see only the movement and attack controllers werent working because he was able to press pause and the pause menu would come up
  4. yeah and the thing is that it looked like it was part of the game as if he was gonna do like some magic attack or something
  5. hey so me and my friend were playing and all of the sudden his character( the blue knight) started floatingand his controls didnt work ? im assuming its nothing importent but i was just wondering
  6. i beat the game played all the way through and i cant figure out how to unlock the characters and bosses you face. like the wizard, barbarian or theif. help is appreciated
  7. well me and my friend downloaded it at around 4:10 and then beat it at around 10. we took a break for breakfast also.
  8. ... ific-time/ That is PST time, and it says it's 10:30pm...still a few hours to go. its 1:30 in ontario