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  1. What do u mean screen name? Like character name? either way Platform: PC Characters: I think I have like a lvl 3 sniper XD havent played it much recently
  2. Specifically TBOGT, I was thinking of doing some random funny videos and maybe a MP series on my channel. My steam name is Drako125
  3. Maybe, and the asking price I was thinking was maybe 50-75 bucks.(depending on rarity, I don't know when they stopped selling) And yes, I will try my hardest to send to europe. No promises though.(sorry for no promises:P)
  4. Selling it most likely. And it said to trade, and buying is exchanging things for a currency, so its like a trade...
  5. Well it IS true. I just finished cave story, and I messed around in arena combat. I also love brentalfloss songs and the fresh prince of bel aire.
  6. Cave story is better than wittle big pwanet because cave story has caves a story and robots and bunny people
  7. The last games I played were cave story and madness project nexus.... Qoute, curly brace and king shooting madness people with cave story weapons? And the theme would be a cross between the fresh prince of belaire song and the song ballad of the mages...
  8. Im gonna guess either shadow dancer or shinobi 3.
  9. Hey guys, I got a barbarian figure. So, yeah.
  10. *reads barbarian figs are super rare* HMMMMMMMMM 150 DOLLARS STARTING PRICE . Yes I have one, profoundly sitting on my shelf
  11. Banned for having a heart in your sentence!
  12. drako125


    You go around punching zombies while saying "I'M BATMAAAAAAAN"