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  1. I'll have to check it out at some point.
  2. My friends little brother got a crappy home done tattoo on his finger. He was in year 8 at the time.
  3. I hate Gears Of War and Halo Reach. I like the other Halo games, just not reach.
  4. I've gone into a anime craze in a way. I'm watching Naruto and One Piece everyday (For the most part).
  5. Thanks I was confused why there so many.
  6. When I was doing a mock exam today in my schools sports hall I notest that I had 5 shadows for one of my arms (Could only see arm shadows and some head show because of my position). And then I got 6 shadows for it. I looked it up online and couldn't find answers. And I know you can get two shadows normal at times. I know it's probs an obvious answer to it and I probably sound dumb but it just weirded me out.
  7. This was the first image that came up when I type in "Landon the hedgehog"...
  8. I think theres someone making a fan HD remake of Super Mario 64.
  9. I remember golden ghost from the pixle art topic. The one were he had the ghost made, and now he's a mod.
  10. What games do y'all think should get hd re-msters? P.S. This is off topic but wow the fourm seams a lot less active than back when I first joined.
  11. Why is this topic called "Extra Virgin"??