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  1. Rock doesn't block the teleporting, but I ended up just using an explosive block. It's sad that the triggered blocks can't be blockable with teleporting.
  2. How were these levels codependent if it was a solo playlist?You have the magical ability in battleblock theater land to name your levels. Be careful to make a wish before you leave or all of your worst fears will come true like being naked and school and having scratchy socks! Yes, you name your levels. No need to be sarcastic because I'm hardly likely going to remember the names of levels on every playlist I've played.
  3. In level editing: I can't seem to block the teleport blocks with the blocks that disappear by a button. eg. placing this block TRIGGERED in front of TELEPORT doesn't stop teleporting to that spot. It's extremely irritating and even if it does work for you, it doesn't work for me full stop and my whole level is mucked up because of it. Why can't this work?!
  4. If you want to make the hardest level ever, you yourself have to be skilled because you're the one testing the level to make sure it's possible by at least 1% of the playerbase. All 'difficult' levels I've played have just been laser and enemy spam but nothing unique other than a copy of Chapter 8 from the campaign.
  5. How were these levels codependent if it was a solo playlist?
  6. Yeah I apologize for that. I wasn't familiar with how uploading a playlist worked back when I made the first couple of playlists and was annoyed that I didn't make them into one big playlist. I want to know your feedback on the playlists and if they get positive reviews then I'll definitely remake all of them into one big playlist and sorry for the hassle.
  7. Here's mine: I'm new to the forums and just wondering if anyone else agrees. There should be a button for the host to disable the gift shop so players can enjoy the game instead of others begging for star heads and such.
  8. As I said in my post, it's 3 maps per playlist. There are four playlists that I've put up. No idea where you got 60 from.
  9. 4 isn't 2 with reversed wording. 4 is 2 with more creative examples. 1 and 2 are general rules, yes, because this is a guide. I've made about 12 Muckle maps and they're a hundred times more enjoyable than the ones I made without symmetry because it becomes too confusing for players who just want simplicity mixed in with creativity. Yes you spawn near your opponent when you die, what has that got to do with the symmetry aspect? I posted this guide to help players, and if it's not helping you then you can kindly move on.
  10. I've made heaps of Muckle maps for my playlists and I wanted to share a few pointers: 1. Be creative and original! The more interactive and different your map is the more entertaining it is for players. 2. Avoid repetition. I find the boring maps are the ones that have repeating factors eg. twenty normal blocks. Yes it's a Muckle map and you're meant to fight one another but it'd be more amusing if there were other obstacles you could use to your advantage. 3. Be symmetrical with your blocks. The best thing about a map for any game mode is that it's symmetrical, which means it's fair and not biased towards one team. Select the tool for mirror horizontal blocks by holding Left Trigger. Lastly, be random with the blocks! Place a razor here and a cloud there, have a laser blocked by an exploding block that activates when you touch it! Here's an idea: place 3 King of the HIll blocks down, and have 3 lasers pointing down onto it, now put a moving block in the middle and have players try to avoid the laser fire by keeping under the moving block. If you want some ideas for your maps then check out my two favourite playlists I made: Funland and Narnia My gamertag is SuddenDestruct, send me a message if you ever need help with level editing and I'll reply as soon as possible. Cheers, and happy BBT'ing!
  11. Extremely fun set of playlists each with 3 creative and unique maps featuring the Muckle gamemode mixed in with a bit of King of the Hill (hence the term 'Muckhill'). Playlist Names: 1. Funland (probably the best playlist I've made, it's very fun and the map is very interactive) 2. Narnia (very fun as there's a lot going on and it contains a few tricks which is amusing for Muckle maps) 3. Effection (hilariously funny deaths are inevitable) 4. Kingkeel (my first playlist created, the 2nd level is really unique to BBT) Your Gamertag: SuddenDestruct For extra credit... Probably my dog for putting up with the continuous repetition of the BBT soundtrack whilst I was spending some time making these playlists. Playlist Type: Multiplayer versus. Mode: Muckle / King of the Hill combination. Please reply with your feedback on the maps, what you found enjoyable and what you found to be a hassle. Also please remember to rate the playlist I had heaps of fun making these levels!
  12. This chart reminds me of the old 150 Pokemon list from back in the 90's.
  13. Being able to make maps in BattleBlock Theater was worth the money because I can finally be creative in a game