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  1. Dropped Your Pocket


    Are you READY. FOR HALO REEEACH?!?!?!
  2. Hey, Zane, might want to change your signature. Since, you know, you guys killed SSG.
  3. It is quite sad. These forums were a great place back in its hayday. But I think the problem lies in what Chris has already said" Advances in communication have made forums less desirable as a way to communicate. I shudder at the thought of this place going away, because it's like family for me, and others as well. Especially with the forum revamp, going back and reliving memories from half a decade ago is great. But a fresh coat of paint doesn't change the fact that forums are stuck in a limbo between social media and instant messaging. I do hope the forums repopulate, but I feel like this might be close to the end. I don't want it to be, but users just aren't drawn here like they were five or more years ago.
  4. Dropped Your Pocket


    I'm old and withered, so I have way too many to pick from. Learning the Missing No. glitch in Pokemon Red back in the day was pretty rad. Same with the ending of MGS4, one of the notable times when I cried during a video game. But, like I said, I'm old and have been playing video games for over twenty years, so picking a specific experience is extremely tough for me.
  5. I'm still in favor of Groose's Pompadour. Anyone who says otherwise is completely, and horribly, wrong.
  6. Zane, never forget that I was the first person to reach 1k likes on these forums. That title will never be revoked from me! (please don't ban me) ((please everyone still love me like it's 2014))
  7. This is my first post in over a month. And the RPF is seemingly no longer broken for me, so that's pretty sweet!
  8. Got tickets to see these guys live in September. Excited!
  9. If it ain't Overwatch, or No Man's Sky, it's only on stream. That's my life right now.
  10. I never posted in the actual thread here, but hi. I'm surprised you remembered me haha.
  11. Even with flash sales, my wallet has survived the last few years worth of sales because I own so many games on Steam already. I'm at about four-hundred, or so, right now. So half the games that go on sale are ones I already own to begin with.
  12. I own both games and the spin-off, all on Vita. Haven't touched them yet. But they're rare, and I own them. That's what really matters, I think.
  13. Jokes on you guys, I'm getting the seal thing. Seal thing OP.
  14. But I won't let you go further. Not at this specific moment in time. ONE.