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  1. Creating a bunch of extra heads to give them out over time, and making us constantly revisit the game was one of the cooler and unique things a developer had done with their game this generation. I hope it gets remembered as such. Are you guys able to see a percentage of gamers who played your game that have the full collection? It would be an interesting bit of info to know!
  2. You're not only a member of the "All But One Head" club, but you're also the president.
  3. Hmm... You may be onto something here! I hope so anyways because if our count is off from The Behemoth, and they leave us one short, there will be rioting in the streets! Among the 100 or so people who are trying to get the complete set that is! I wonder how many of us really are still with it after this whole time. I bet it's not a huge amount of people...
  4. Circle: skull or the derpy-eyes-looking-left guy Triangle: gas mask or the derpy-eyed-sundae-covered guy (can you tell, I like the "derpy" looks?!) Square: Elvis fo sho! Cylinder: No question, Jason/Hockey mask murderer guy! In fact, after I collect all of the star heads, I'll go back to this guy as he's my favorite of all released heads. Star: Lava Lamp
  5. I'm bumping this to try to help anybody out who posted in this thread that may still want Hooshmand. As of today (12/20), he's currently available for booting up Furbottoms. Hope those who need him see this!
  6. Just log into Furbottom's and it's yours! I wanted to post it as I know many are still missing it. Not sure how long it's available for, so grab it while the grabbin' is good!
  7. I'm in Fort Worth this week for work, thus, away from home as I stated. Oh really? I could probably walk over to you if you wanted, have a real heart to heart, maybe have you look me in the eyes and tell me that this is all real again, hmm? What time is it over there anyway? When did you even leave for Fort Worth? And furthermore, your story is inconsistent with everyone else's, you said that you got all the star heads, most other people say they got just one brand new star head. Somebody is lying, I'm putting my money on everyone. I'm waiting... I love how as soon as I ask a specifically person for evidence they either dodge my question or tell me to leave, I already stated why I came back to the thread, now why don't you find some other way to dodge my questions? Let's see... Meet some random guy from the internet in person... Somebody I don't particularly enjoy online as it is. Hmmm... "Look me in the eyes" he says to me. Haha! No thanks, I'd rather not get murdered tonight. It's currently 1:45. I can tell you that by looking at the alarm clock next to my bed, or search it through google. What does that prove? In case you're curious, it's currently 4:45 pm in Tokyo. Thanks google. My story is inconsistent? Oh really?! Pray tell, where is my story inconsistent? The OP is talking about one boss, I'm talking about another. Reading comprehension for the win! "now why don't you find some other way to dodge my questions?" Other than the post I quoted here, the only question you asked in my direction was: "Well, seeing as how I took the time to sign up for a video game forum, I thought I'd seize the opportunity to, idk, maybe have a discussion about video games?" So you want me to answer this? It's not really a question but I'll try anyways... Sure slick, go ahead and have your discussion.
  8. I'm in Fort Worth this week for work, thus, away from home as I stated. I'm waiting...
  9. It's obvious that you and stuperBRADY are the best possible team for figuring out the secrets of BattleBlock Theater. Team up and report back!
  10. Nice! Is it the one that the op is talking about, or the one I gave hints on? If it's the one I gave hints on, doesn't it seem painfully obvious now that you found it?! Either way, nice job!
  11. Wow, this thread really took off! I'm not at home this week but I can post a pic when I get back to the boss I mentioned (on page 2 I think). And the boss I'm talking about is clearly different than the one vpustote took a pic of. Seeing as how some want to know how to get to it, and some want to find out on their own, I'll give a hint in the form of a compromise to make all parties happy: Then there's the trick (rather, tricks) to actually beating the boss. But figuring out the techniques and puzzles are half the fun of it, and I won't help you there. I'm away from home like I said, but I'd be happy to post a pic or a video when I get back. With the hints I gave, I think I made it pretty obvious what needs to be done and I'm sure somebody will be able to find it and beat me to that punch with pics/vids. Feel free to post your pics if you get it before I do!
  12. I actually found this guy by accident last week. I was finally able to beat him (his timing and length of the fight are insane!). And the cool thing is, after you beat him, you get: