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  1. You are my son. You're adopted, I'm sorry boy.
  2. I think its wonderful that this terrible thread is still terribly alive.
  3. is what I use usually for editting and making some images, as it has alot of decent tools.
  4. Best friends fight over one... Oh nevermind. Also bacon, you lack it.
  5. Yarr harr, its a shark. How does love make war and vice versa? Two guys, one chick... No, not together. And... A eskimo?
  6. Aaand i'm getting through flirting with a lady for the second time in a row. Awwww no. Pizza time. The website source REAAAALLY doesn't make me feel good.
  7. Aaand i'm getting through flirting with a lady for the second time in a row. Awwww no.
  8. Buy any one thing from the Mann Co. Store over 1 dollar, but to do that you have to spend 5 dollars on the stupid steam wallet.
  9. Do you have flash or are you making it, picture by picture in some art program? (god help you if you say MS paint) I'm making it picture by picture using GIF animator for the actual animation and I think it was Audacity for the sound. God MS Paint is terrible, so no.
  10. I don't know if I should upgrade to a premium account or not... What do you all think?
  11. I don't believe advertising is allowed on the forums, but nice work.
  12. Animating is... so... frustrating. Frame by frame and pixel by pixel... raaaaaaaaaaawgghhhhhh
  13. The Bored

    HALO 4