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  1. If you want a Hatty head right now, I guess you could just use the default square head and pretend.
  2. Woah, someone's asking about Wheels? I have it and didn't think anyone would ask anything about it on any forum.
  3. I'm completely stuck here as well. Any advice?? You know how there's that first bubblegum block? After you jump over the buzzsaw, jump onto that. I didn't figure this out for a while, either.
  4. Everyone is banned for banning people who ban people that like to ban.
  5. I don't have much star heads, but I'm collecting them again. I got the game late. My star heads are Steamroll Victim #1, Duckshark, Sausage, 20% OFF, Castle Crashers head, and.. uhh.. none else that I can remember. I'll trade these heads for any other star heads. Also, I agree with Memor. Lavalamp is getting pretty desirable.
  6. Hey, guys, on the last level (the boss one), you know that part on the third trial where you have to jump over a buzzsaw then onto a platform? I can get over the buzzsaw, but I can't seem to land on the platform. Is there something I'm missing? Can someone help me out? EDIT; Nevermind, I got it. I'm doing the encores now.
  7. Ikr. And, xD eating the gem
  8. No you don't; you just simply make another profile, get another achivement, and trade the head to your main profile. Easy as that. ^^
  9. ??? What head are you talking about? o-O Just ignore him, he's just messing with you. Okay.