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  1. Despite my best efforts, my playlist Journey seemed to be a flop, even though I thought it had some really good ideas that I still haven't seen elsewhere. I made a thread here, but most of the replies were from myself.
  2. One last bump and one last plea, or else I'll feel like I'm forcing this playlist down people's throats. Still just looking for general comments on the playlist and any potential improvements. I've noticed that some threads get a lot of attention and some don't, and mine falls into the latter category for some reason, I guess. Trying to combat that with one last bump! It's really a good playlist, I promise.
  3. Thanks for the comments so far! I've added some screenshots for extra spiciness.
  4. Is it okay if I bump this? It's been a bit and I'm just curious as to how people are enjoying the playlist. It looks like it has a decent star rating, but I'd like to hear specifics, if possible! Happy gaming theatering (...?)
  5. Playlist Name: Journey Gamertag: Octobot Super Playlist Type: Solo Adventure Journey is a story of an actual trip the prisoner embarks upon and also mirrors the development of the prisoner's personality and character as he grows with each pant-bucklingly important life experience. Dirt Road: The prisoner's humble beginnings are reflected here in a gentle trip down a dirt road, perhaps while holding his mommy's hand. The dustyness in the air represents the occasional knee-scrape or ill-timed pants-poop. Star Droplets: The prisoner has another vague memory of a rainy city night. He does not know yet what lies behind the concrete facade of the towering buildings, but perhaps his imagination will get the better of him. Autumnal: Crisp air, pumpkin and apple picking, pie baking in the oven, and lasers. Mustache: The prisoner knows the power of a good mustache, and subsequently grows one as he realizes that there's a big wide world out there to explore (but, you know, he's trapped in the theater). Anyway, his confidence is growing. Coastal Highway: Blast that radio, let your curly locks out the window, and fly around the turns and winding roads on this coastal highway. Vernal: Refreshing air blowing through the open windows, mid-morning drives, renewed vigor, and rockets to the face. Sunscream: The prisoner is getting really used to exploring now, and ends up with a flat tire in a desert. He's not worried, because he's like, totally young and invincible and stuff. Still, it's pretty hot out here... Joshua Tree: Night falls in the desert and the prisoner is having twinges of anxiety. He doesn't know why, but the lone joshua tree in the distance gives him a bit of confidence. He also thinks he catches a glimpse of a strange entrance to a bizarre looking area, but maybe it's just a mirage... Grim Retreat: The prisoner's naive view of the world has been shattered and his own sense of mortality has come crashing down on him as he's realizing more about the world (and you know, all those times he died probably helped too). The prisoner beats a hasty retreat to do some recovering and meditating on his experiences, and also for some beef stew. Estival: Ice cream and pool parties during the day, and iced tea and lawn chairs at night. Watch out for the rapids and waterfalls! Angkor Wat: Having becoming a stronger prisoner due to his experiences and realizations, the prisoner sets out to explore some of the most interesting places on ear--er, in the theater. This sweaty jungle temple holds lots of traps and danger, but the prisoner is ready to tackle them. Qomolangma: The prisoner is ready for his ultimate challenge, one that will push him to his limits and define what he has always aspired to become. The imposing Qomolangma stands before him, and if he can just reach the summit and avoid those crevasses... Hibernal: Hot cocoa, sledding, warming up inside, and riding on top of sentient block creatures. Typical winter day. Pollyanna: No matter how many continents the prisoner visits, no matter how many oceans he crosses, no matter how many horses he rides off into the sunset, the prisoner knows he always has a place back home. Modest Dungeon: "Sit back and enjoy my modest dungeon! Seriously, put the controller down and watch what happens!" Some serious notes: I've tried to make this playlist difficult but fair. This is my first playlist, so it's definitely possible that there is room for improvement, but I'm pretty happy with how everything came out. Also, I tried to prevent the possibility of getting stuck and having to restart the level through the menu, but again, it's possible that I've overlooked some things. Trivia: This is strongly based on a concept album that I've always wanted to produce, but I don't know how to music.
  6. Interesting! I think it would add a level of creativity and challenge to try to complete some of the co-op levels solo, but I would miss the awesome teamwork aspect if I tried this way.
  7. I did use the tiny monkey head for a while, but I started having problems with hitbox detection and ceiling spikes, hehe.
  8. Definitely the line about Furbottom rolling over in his sharks! Haha
  9. I haven't played this playlist in a while, but when I think about it my mind keeps going back to the 'steps' with the poison bubbles and fans. It was such a great idea, and was the perfect mixture of difficulty and fairness. Looking forward to more from you in the future, 8bitten.
  10. I really enjoyed these levels. There's a degree of focus and composition in each that I really appreciate. Codependency was very clever!