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  1. Whale Smith

    Ultimate Goal Finally Obtained!

    You're just going to let him take #1? Maybe his goal was to just reach #1, not maintain it.
  2. Add/message my GT: Imma Vajazzle U. Whenever i'm on i'll help you out. We could go in order or do whichever the hardest ones are, whatever works for you. Either way it shouldn't take too long.
  3. Whale Smith

    Ultimate Goal Finally Obtained!

    So what's next, going for rank #1 in all the other leaderboards?
  4. Whale Smith

    Ultimate Goal Finally Obtained!

    Congrats on the rank, bro. There should be a special star head awarded to players who get to rank #1
  5. Whale Smith

    Make A Guess At A Star Head!

    Maybe a bomb or a bottle head
  6. Whale Smith

    League Of Ninjas

    Best way to get better at Soul Snatcher is to first get a feel for the game physics and stages. Then start playing a whole bunch of people
  7. Blue Mountain State. Cartoons and kid shows had their chance, but this show only had like 3 seasons. Every episode had me laughing way longer than I should have
  8. Whale Smith

    Winston Re Released

    There's still gonna be rare heads, just not Winston anymore
  9. It wouldn't be the best idea to change Winston's price yet. Wait until after it's unavailable again then see how much people are willing to spend for it.
  10. Whale Smith

    League Of Ninjas

    Do you wanna start from the bottom or take the shortcut to the higher ranks? All you gotta do is just win against the person of that rank
  11. Whale Smith

    Giving Away 49,308 Gems And Tons Of Yarn!

    You should definitely do this daily
  12. Whale Smith

    Guess Who's Back For National Dog Day?

    I guess now the cool thing is to NOT have Winston. Quick, Fossa! take back the Winston you gave me!
  13. Whale Smith

    Free Star Heads For Everyone!

    It's [imma Vajazzle U]. Can I have Furbottom and/or Winston? I need them for tournament prize purposes.
  14. Whale Smith

    League Of Ninjas

    I won 5-4 in best of 9. So I we both lost our bets for the finals
  15. Whale Smith

    What Is Your Favourite Non Star Head

    The angry face circle head. I had a gamer pic with the same face and when I would have both I looked as fresh as a prince