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  1. SFGxxHeadshot scammed me the other day..... of 300 gems
  2. ha you found me in ball game

  3. my gt is halomaster925 thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much. just send me friend request or a message.
  4. ill take one or two star heads off of you. my gt: halomaster925
  5. if you are still selling toast ill give you 200 gems.
  6. and memor what did he do to you? the way you replied was like you had history with him.
  7. its ok. thanks for reading this though. hopefully someone has an extra.
  8. NotByA Longshot is an extremely nice guy. whenever i have yarn , i go to him.
  9. i need help to get my furbottom head back. i was scammed by these two guys ULTIMATExSK8TER and One chanse794 if someone could sell me one or help me get it back i would be extremely greatful.
  10. im not charging 100 gems or something. i just need some gems so im offering those heads thats all.
  11. i was only going to charge 20 gems. and you dont need to play the this person is better than that person game.
  12. 2 more scammers lIl Clyve lIl Ukz CriiPlEzZ they scammed me 200 gems.