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  1. ill give you steamrollvictim for alien hominid my gamertag: G4M3RxSW4G
  2. sugar lot of sugar and you know a powerful chiken
  3. People like me have gotten battleblock late and need star heads all we do is ask all yo meanie like i mean you guys are part of the problem saying you'll give us the heads after we give you gems
  4. juggling is annoying but I still would like to know how to
  5. You mean Metal Jear Rising: Revenjance right? metalgear
  6. Imagine that frog weapon as a head lol
  7. thanks I'm new to the behemoth I have castle crashers and bbt but I was reading this post while giving this guy 225 gems for chiken and he did exactly to 0 at the last second. my gamer tag is G4M3RxSW4G.