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  1. Hi i'm thesuperboy1234 on psn :D

  2. If the steam version works like the others (which is likely), then this sounds like a NAT filter connectivity issue. For example, lets say that the two non-troubled connection friends have a NAT type 1, which can basically connect to anyone and host games with no issue, etc. You and your other friend sound like you may have a NAT type 3, which is very strict and can only connect to NAT 1 players without trouble. So individually either of the NAT 3 players can join a NAT 1 game, however when both NAT 3 players join that same lobby it can cause connection issues across the board. In short, you and that 3rd friend need to check the NAT settings on your router. If it is set to strict, try going with moderate if that option is given. I know there's a whole topic on this somewhere on the boards... probably in technical issues.
  3. Also, the game saves level progression in chunks. For the sequence of levels that you mention, you need to play through the parade (the one after wedding crash) and then exit to the map for the game to save the progress. Kind of a broken system, but that's how it works.
  4. While I love this statement, I'm pretty sure you mean left. hahaha
  5. I play a wide variety of games this way. Shooters, platformers, hack n' slashes, other beat em ups, RPGs (but those are simple anyway), action/adventure games, racing, and fighters... but I tend to do poorly at most fighting games by my standards. Playing this way I have scores in the top ten for 11 out of 12 missions of the ps3 version of Renegade Ops (11th on that other one), was one of the first 5 people in the world to be ranked in very hard for lollipop chainsaw on the ps3, can solo crawmerax with multiple classes in borderlands, and I beat RAGE on nightmare difficulty using almost nothing but punches and a boomerang-ish weapon called wingsticks. That's just a good selection from some of what I've played other than CC. If Zephyr or aced211 see this, they can back me up in the variety of games that I play.
  6. Are you saying this figuratively or have you actually played Castle Crashers one-handed? Because it can definitely be done. I've played LittleBigPlanet one-handed. I play almost all video games, including CC, one-handed. This is how I've played it the entire time. 28 out of my 29 gold skulls (blue knight was played by my brother in co-op) and climbing up to 5th in the arena; all with just the trusty left hand. But why? You're only making it harder. Also..... how? If you go to the actual youtube page that video is on, I explain that I have a physical disability with my right side (called hemiparesis) that gives it less feeling and coordination, so I actually play best that way. when I say "this is hard to do" or whatever it was I said, I was referring to holding the camcorder trying to keep important stuff in shot while playing... not the act of playing one-handed itself. I've played this way for over a decade.
  7. Yep! So either they're going to have to come up with a completely different system of determining eligibility, or PSN CC is going to get an update soon (Blacksmith please).
  8. Don't be so negative guys, I'm sure that once The Behemoth sets a date for the PSN ToC and gets the word out more people will be playing arena. The blog post said Fall, so we've got almost 2 months minimum before the tournament takes place.
  9. Unless it got changed very recently weekly rankings on PSN isn't really weekly rankings. It uses the full record of that player's highest ranked character, just like the normal rankings. All that person has to do is play 1 match that week. So if they go by that, my spot is secured if I just play once... pretty unfair really.
  10. The PSN store updates every Tuesday, not Thursday. And that is a mean trick, toying with your hopes like that BFG.
  11. Very true! Already I have virtually all the characters, weapons and Animal Orbs unlocked. And it's encouraged me to learn better juggling techniques since I want to level back up quickly. (Halfcoordinated--I'm not nearly as rusty as I was that one time we played!) So far, the most interesting moment has been hearing online players' surprise when they see that I know how to juggle and attack each boss's pattern despite having no characters over level 25. I regularly out-XP the level 99s That is all good to hear, BFG! However, you SHOULD be out- XPing level 99s if you're playing well, since they kill enemies in less hits and XP is based on hits landed.
  12. An important lesson indeed; I back up my data on a flash drive. That sucks though, and good luck getting stuff back.
  13. The standard arena juggle is XYY, XYY, XY, XYY, XY, XY, XY- although, it is random how high the opponent is sent upwards so you may need to vary it occasionally. There are three viable "starters" for this in the arena. A+X, dash Y, and RT+A (magic jump). The magic jump is the safest and overall most effective combo starter as it is unblockable and comes out instantly- making it very difficult to punish. The lunge is is the most risky approach as it can be blocked, leaving you vulnerable. A+X is more of a spacing/poking tool, but works great on inexperienced players. Good luck finding matches, it's been a long time since I've popped in there myself.
  14. As long as you're an adult that can "get" an out-there somewhat cheesy sense of humor and you like games that are rewarding for replay value rather than a longer single campaign run (something I think would fit most behemoth fans would appreciate), then absolutely yes I recommend this game. Words honestly fail me in describing some aspects of the experience. One other minor flaw at least on the ps3 version which for some reason does not let you install, is that lollipop has more loading than should be expected from a fairly linear game this late in the current gen of consoles. I know I mentioned several little issues with this game, but despite all that it enthralls me. Overall, the problems are outweighed by the unique mechanics and presentation, as well as good attention to some smaller details. A few examples: In most hack and slash action games, you simply try to kill enemies quickly or keep an absurdly long combo going. In lollipop chainsaw, sure you can still just go straight for kills, but to get a good score (and thusly more in-game money and unlocks) you instead weaken enemies to make them groggy/stunned, group them together, and kill 3 or more in one chainsaw slash to get "sparkle hunting" rewards... which yes, looks as flashily ridiculous as it sounds. Also, there are DOZENS of unlockable costumes in the game, and in cutscenes, whatever costume you are wearing is what you see every time other than a few hand drawn bits. That truly is rare in a game. Objectively I give this game an 8 out of 10, but personally it is closer to a 9.
  15. I got Lollipop Chainsaw on release day, and before I go any further I must say that I LOVE this game. The action is fun and varied enough to keep it from feeling tedious, the humor is spot on, and the game exudes such charm. It also caters to both casual and hardcore players with the varying difficulty levels, ranking modes, and plethora of unlocks... Grasshopper Manufacture and SUDA 51 truly understand how to make a game that people will want to replay over and over. That being said, Lollipop Chainsaw certainly has it's flaws; I started out somewhat frustrated and dissapointed. When you first begin the game, controls are not listed ANYWHERE- no manual, not in the main menu, and at first unlisted in the pause menu. they introduce the controls/combos very slowly throughout the first level... fairly terrible when your first playthrough is on hard. By the time they told me about most controls I had figured them out via trial and error. Also, combos at the start of the game are fairly limited, but that is common and allows a good sense of growth in power as you play. The game has a few camera issues in corners and controls are not quite as fluid and precise as they could be (although that improves as you buy combos and increase stats). Despite the issues, like I said, I love this game. Once you get past the start and get yourself accustomed to the nuances of combat you'll be gleefully making sparkles, cartoon hearts, and rainbows appear from felled zombies at a pace that does not dissapoint.