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  1. i'll give you gerard for cat control I dont Have Catcontrol.
  2. I'll be on around 2pm (Eastern Standard Time)
  3. I'll do it MSG me on xbox mi GT: Fleaskid01
  4. I might get Furbottom soon so i can trade with you
  5. I have a siren head MSG me on xbox GT:Fleaskid01
  6. If you still need a pic drawn for you i can draw a Funky Bear for Winstin
  7. I'm up for a challange! msg me whenever your ready GT: Fleaskid01
  8. I changed how much i would pay so i could get a better chance
  9. My GamerTag is: Fleakid01 I Currently Have: Alien Homind CCKinght Moose 25%off 50%off Dougnuts Manbirth Wheels Steamroll Victum #1 4th of July SIREN Duckshark Blocketeer Boot I Need: Rose Behemoth Chicken Furrbottom Winstin Toast LavaLamp Catcontrol TinyMonkey Gerard If you have any Offers Please Tell me right Away I'll give 600-1500 Gems for 1
  10. can i trade you 100 gems for a Winstin? My GT is: Fleaskid01 so MSG me if you want to trade
  11. Are you still giving Heads to people? if so can i do a trade for the toast head? I dont have 100 gems but I can give you yarn
  12. Im looking for Trading: Castle Crashers head, 4th of July head, Eye in the Hand head Looking for: <3TOAST HEAD<3 (I will trade all my heads for it!!!) and any other heads My GT is: Fleaskid01 so pls add me if you want to trade