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  1. No, my friend said he just found the whale in the arc just like all the extra weapons he had in the weapons frog. :/ I think theres a much simpler solution, scratch that, i KNOW threre is, thanks to SCIENCE!!!! Null, is there any chance that your friend might have happened to have been 256 glitched before the patch? Also, does he have a claw looking weapon in the weapon frog? If he did have a 256 account, then thats why he has whale and maybe the claw and spoon I Win Science! Yes, he had the claw, spoon, and another that I forgot and he glitched before the patch.
  2. My friend and I have never beaten insane, but he had the 256 glitch. :/
  3. I downloaded the Blacksmith DLC and the Pink Knight DLC, and my friend just downloaded the Pink Knight. For some reason he got a golden whale that keeps giving him gold bars, but I didn't. In fact, there weren't any new animal orbs for the Blacksmith and Pink Knight. What's going on, Behemoth?
  4. First, I'd like to ask if there will be any more prisoner unlocks weekly because it's been over a week since the last one. Second, I'd also like to make some suggestions for The Behemoth: 1. Maybe raise the price to 1600 MS points? You guys have been saying it's the largest game you've made so far, and that you've been putting a lot of work into it. Plus, it would follow a pattern (AH - 800, CC - 1200, BBT - 1600?), and I already have 1600 MS points ready due to Microsoft not having a 1200 points option. I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't mind paying just $5 more for another epic game that deserves it too. 2. Judging from all the videos and other media, it seems like you guys are coming close to finishing it. I know you don't want to give a release date, but could you just give us an unofficial estimate that you can approve or decline later? Say, summer next year or something like that? You can't tease us forever. You'll show us the entire game before then. 3. Actually, that's about it besides this note to all who reply: If your going to reply saying "why would I pay that much more for a 2D game" or something like that, you obviously have never played a game from The Behemoth and are either very short on cash or just cheap. Seriously, they may be 2D games, but they are a lot more fun than MANY other 3D games I've played, and don't give an excuse saying I only play crappy games.
  5. I also have a question for The Behemoth. Will there be any BBT figurines, and if so, when can we expect any in the store after the release of the game?
  6. It sounds like it could be background music for a cutscene like maybe when Hatty betrays his friend?
  7. Just wondering if it's possible that it could come out on the EShop (or other online store) for Nintendo's upcoming HD console next year.