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  1. Yo' mama's so fat - She has an increased chance of developing type 2 diabetes Naomi is my least favorite character in the metal gear series
  2. I still prefer the Runic Sword. Iron sword is second.
  3. Last Northman


    Truly a work of art (Sniffs and wipes away tear)
  4. Being an avid role player on both the WoW and SWToR forums, I was wondering how CC RP would work. Of course, it would be based mostly on humor with little attention payed to the plot. Characters would be a bit more limited because most of them would be variations of playable CC characters. The RPers would Most likely be PMing eachother creating skits that would intertwine with the plot. This, needing some fore-thought, would require good communication and cause bursts of posting with large pauses in-between.RPers with artistic ability could mop up these posts into a comic strip that would aid the flow and understanding of the plot. I doubt that open RPS would be able to exist with a setup like this, though.
  5. The only way to get an un-biased opinion is to bring in someone who hasnt played the game.
  6. The Runic Sword is my favorite
  7. Okay, here's a personal experience that I wrote about on the WoW OT forum a few years back. Earlier this week, on Sunday night, I had a dream in which I knew I was asleep. I was stood outside of my house in torrential rain at night and thought I needed to get inside in order to wake up. I approached the front door and placed my knuckles onto the door-window ready to knock. I knew that my next action would bring me one step closer to consciousness. The moment I knocked on the door, the thudding sound of the knock was so loud, so frightening and so real that it woke me from my sleep. BANG BANG BANG I jumped up immediately and listened out for a further knock at the door. I was roasting hot, sweating profusely and my heart was beating so hard, I don’t think I would have been able to tell the difference between a knock at the door and my thudding heart beat. After I came to my senses and realised that the possibility of the door knocking at the exact moment of dreaming it is incredibly low, I fell back to sleep. Monday, the very following night, I had the same dream. Right back outside the front of the house in the pouring rain again, intensely staring at the house. I slowly walked to the front door, this time it was open. I walked in and went straight into the kitchen. I opened the cutlery drawer and pulled out the largest meat knife I have. I looked into my reflection through the blade of the knife. If you stare directly into the reflection of your eyes for long enough, eventually it will hit you that someone is looking at you. You know it’s your reflection, but for just a second, you forget and become self conscious, as if it’s somebody else behind your reflection’s eyes. It didn’t take a second of looking at my reflection through the blade to realise that somebody else was looking back. The moment I realised it was somebody else wearing my grin in the reflection, I slammed the cutlery drawer shut. BANG Again, I shot up out of bed. The sound of the metal clanging in the drawer as it abruptly closed was so defined and so crystal clear, it couldn’t have been a dream. Really spooked this time, I went downstairs into the kitchen. I was half asleep and had to check. I opened the cutlery drawer. I was relieved to find the knife still in the drawer. I closed it and went back to bed. It took a little longer this time, but I fell asleep. Tuesday night, my dream started with that grin in the reflection. From the look in his eyes, I could tell that the man in the reflection knew he was looking back at someone confused and scared. I found myself looking into the reflection of the knife, already in my hand, while stood outside of my house in the rain. The front door was open again. I walked into the house, directly up the stairs and into my bedroom. I looked at the bed and saw someone sleeping in it. It was me. I knew what I was going to do, but also knew that I couldn’t stop myself. Instead, I kept think over and over again “Wake up”. My emotions were both in two extremes at once. I was terrified, but at the same time I was thrilled and excited to kill. “WAKE UP!” I shot right out of bed and stood up. I was absolutely drenched in sweat, roasting hot, but relieved to find nobody stood in front of me with a knife. It took a few seconds to realise that I was gripping something tight in my hand. I knew what it was even before I looked down at it and saw my reflection in it. It was the meat knife, and this time the reflection in it looked terrified. I don’t sleep anymore.
  8. I reported a hacker. can i haz pink knight.
  9. Lemme try this again. The four kings on modern cards are based off of real rulers: the king of diamonds represents the wealthy Julius Caesar, the king of clubs is the brutal Alexander the Great, Spades represents the strong but kind David of Israel and Hearts represents the… emotionally disturbed, shall we say, Charles VII of France. It is this king that we will be dealing with today. It should also be noted that Charles was the only one of the four who was actually there to see the day that his face was printed on a playing card, which may rationalize why he acted apart from the others. Charles’ visage was put on the king of hearts at the very beginning of his rule, but he never really got a chance to come into contact with playing cards until many years later when he became very ill with a fever and was informed that he would be bedridden for the rest of his life. It was during this period that Charles began learning card games to pass the time, such as an early version of black jack, “vingt-et-un” (twenty one). Charles lay in his bed for two years, constantly fiddling with the cards and always getting weaker. As time continued to pass, there were reports that Charles had begun obsessing over the idea that the king being the thirteenth card in a suit was causing him bad luck. He talked about how he was starting to see the number pop up everywhere and that he was close to figuring out its secret. Of course, his ramblings were blamed on the fever, and by the end of the second year, he had been declared insane, and his son Louis XII took over the thrown. One day, several months after the end of his reign, one of Charles’ physicians went to his chamber to find the frail old man standing in the middle of the room wielding a large sword. Before the doctor could react, the king said, “Ils m’ont montré la vérité de treize, et il n’est pas signifié pour les yeux mortels.” which roughly translates to, “They have shown me the truth of thirteen, and it is not meant for mortal eyes.” Without hesitation the king proceeded to ram the blade in through the left side of his head (between the ear and temple) until it came out the other side. He wavered a moment, before collapsing to the floor dead. After the incident was announced and it was made public that the king had gone mad, the image of Charles on the king of hearts was altered to show himself offing himself. Although the picture is now shown significant-ly less graphically, the image of Charles thrusting the sword into his skull can still be found on modern day playing cards. Perhaps the strangest part of the whole story, however, is the day that Charles chose to kill himself: 7/6/1462. Whether or not it was intentional of the king, the facts that 6+7=13 and 1+4+6+2=13 can only be explained as coincidences.
  10. I'm not entirely sure what you're requesting, but I heard creepy pasta. So... There was an SS scientist who was stationed at the death-camp Auschwitz. His name was Doctor Josef Mengele. Every day he would stand at a fork in a path and direct arriving jews to the gas chambers or the jew-barracks and, every so often, he would spot a pair of twins. He had something special in store for those who suffered the phenomenon. The twins would be experimented on to further the nazi's knowledge of race and anatomy. One case, he sowed two twins together at the back, even their hands and scalps. For all of the single night they lived, they cried. It's all true. And the results of Mengele's tests are still used by the medical community today.
  11. Team CTF- everyone has low health, but all abilities. There is a long field with bases on either side and a flag in the center. Either team must capture the flag thrice to win. Time limits can be toggled on and off. Fields- Grassy plains, Icy Tundra (Personal Favorite),Arid Desert and Humid Cave.