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  1. It's a circle head. It is? I didn't know that xD Sorry.
  2. How do you have the pumpkin head? I don't remember that being released.
  3. I seriously think this topic should go back to talking about star heads and their value. Every time percy posts everyone goes off topic.
  4. These levels were great. I like the different traps that you made and where you put them in the levels. overall this playlist was really fun to play.
  5. I would just keep trying to trade and get lava lamp back, not much else you can do. Everyone has bad trades, and eventually lava lamp will be released again. ps: It doesn't really matter if you have all the heads if your better then them at the game.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I'll be happy to try your levels. Just pm me the details.
  7. I castle crashers they added more spaces to the sword storage, who says they cant do the same for BBT
  8. It is pretty crazy how many people have played castle crashers and the behemoth games...
  9. Loved this playlist, The traps were very original, I loved the colors and how you used the space of the level. All in all I give it a 5/5 I wouldn't be surprised if you get these levels on furrbottom's feature
  10. Thanks for the review 8Bitten! Being that this was my first playlist I was getting a feel of making different traps and making the levels challenging, but not too hard that the player gets so annoyed. Thank you for the great feedback and playing my playlist!
  11. Hello there fellow Battleblock Theater players! I am proud to announce that my playlist "Hattys Gift" has been released! If you would like to play it I will post all the playlist details below. Difficulty- I would say its about normal. Playlist Name- Hattys Gift My GT- keiserkool So go try it out on the community theater! Feel free to post any constructive criticism here. Good Luck!
  12. I'm going to play it since I was never able to test it! And one question: Is there going to be another animation? :3