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  1. Gametarg: mukogin Name of list: Save The Guy Hello all Behemoth community i have follow your post about Troll Legacy list, and I create a New list hard but less than first list. Descripition: I think that you like it, it is very funny and harder and in the bis there is an Behemoth tribute and in secredt there is an special message for community I hope you Play and Rage ahhah
  2. Emmh... Sorry all people I have wrong list the name is TROLL LEGACY ON... i have wrong sorry the first troll legacy is a test please sorry me D=
  3. Im sure that i have load it D: there are many players that are try it
  4. Gametarg: mukogin Name of list: Troll Legacy ON Description: I work about this list for 3 months, it was very very hard and i must be change 2 or 3 points but the difficult is yet difficult there are 2 or 3 leves very hard, but not impossible . And I love when the other people fall in rage haha ...The secret are in the level: Slow Man... and it is unusual Secret ...Bis are very "special" I think that this list is very good, but i wanna read what you think... Edit: the list is online,mukogin Troll Legacy ON
  5. Hello Boys and Girls Im Mukogin, i follow The Behemoth since the first Alien Hominid for First Xbox, when i was thirteen, I have Castle Crasher, and now i Fall in Love to BBT. Im 11° in Energumen Classified... And I wanna get all Star Head Ps: Im an Italian Boy
  6. I think that isn't a big problem... if yuo can't see an enemy beacause him is behind the brushes you can use the Frog...
  7. Italian Boy is here :D