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  1. Game is still in early access but other then that I find it to be a really enjoyable game. Haven't had the chance to play much multiplayer but singleplayer has been keeping me entertained. Anyone else enjoying this game?
  2. Mostly into R&B but a friend showed me this and I found it funny.
  3. Super Mario 64, spent a few good years of my childhood enjoying it. Bought it on the Wii but eventually sold the console.
  4. Cant wait to get Celebi on the 27th.
  5. Game didn't take long to finish at all, i didn't like that.... -.-
  6. Buy a 3ds . I'm not really a big fan of vita either.
  7. Where does Nelson Mandela stand then? Not many people cared about him dieing. You only gave 2 examples so its not that big of a deal.
  8. The pokemon bank and transporter come out soon anyone got some special pokemon there moving to x/y?
  9. When someone posts in an old thread a chain reaction begins.... not naming names.
  10. You aren't funny 0/10 Quoting a month old post isn't funny. 0/10
  11. This usually happens when playing with people from other country's.