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  1. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned for not banning the poster above you
  2. Granted, but it's not me, just some random person I hired. I wish for The Lurker to stop posting giant bits of text in code boxes
  3. What is this person's gamertag? If it's who I'm thinking of, it brings back bad memories
  4. Bloob

    like my new sig?

    It's pretty cool Did someone make it, or did you make it yourself?
  5. Bloob

    My signatures

    Pretty good sigs
  6. Bloob


    So even if you recover your gamercard your data won't be there?
  7. Granted, but you are deported to Canada right before they nuke it I wish I could meet Emil
  8. Granted, but you didn't make the wish I wish I could eat buffalo wings everyday
  9. Try deleting the game and redownloading it, or, if you recently got your xbox replaced, they might have not done the license transfer. (They didn't for me ) Go to, and there should be a link somewhere to it.
  10. I don't think anyone makes faceplates anymore
  11. granted, but one day later your hand is crippled in a freak chainsaw accident. I wish there were no trolls and spammers
  12. Mechazeep gets: A notification of his chicken lover status being taken away *inserts King's Sceptor*
  13. Darkshadow gets....... his 945th post. *inserts quarter*
  14. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned because I ran out of things to ban you for
  15. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned for being online when I'm posting this
  16. Kind of scary, but I like it
  17. lol gets: A pair of sunglasses *inserts quarter*
  18. Lol gets: A real dog *inserts xbox 360*
  19. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned for having bad English!
  20. This is a fake, it's just a glitch if you look at the tutorial
  21. Bloob

    You're banned!

    banned for laughing forever at a bad joke!