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  1. Comp0 gets: A candy cane *inserts laughing smiley*
  2. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned because it's actually cat food!
  3. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned for not having a back-up castle just in case someone crashes your main one.
  4. granted, but after you take over the planet, you are eaten by a whale, and nobody notices. I wish to meet dan paladin
  5. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned for not banning me for having a forum
  6. Granted, but one falls off everyday, and then you must eat it before the day ends, or you die. I wish for immortality.
  7. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned because blobs are the bomb
  8. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned because I lost the game
  9. Well, with this many wins, I have no idea why it's not unlocked. Seriously, you should get an Arena Super Extreme Master award
  10. So even if you got out a buzz saw you wouldn't be able to break them?
  11. SushiGummy is the master of coming up with theories
  12. Granted, but it's the master of locking yourself in a room and starving to death. I wish I could fly, without falling after a few seconds
  13. Darkshadow gets: A reminder to put in a quarter next time *inserts quarter*
  14. granted, but they are poison, so you die after you take one bite. I wish for 4chan to go away
  15. The number of spammers and trolls on 4chan
  16. Mechazeep gets a life size statue of a waddlewee. (inserts quarter)
  17. the number of times I have stubbed my toes!
  18. The number of times I have reloaded the forums It's probably true BTW, does that laughing smiley in my post move for you? It seems to have frozen on my computer
  19. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned because you're a chicken lover! (jealous)
  20. Well, right now it would be the Necromancer's sword. I am still trying to get the King's Sceptor from novastar117