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  1. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned because you banned me for banning someone for my laughing smiley not working
  2. I said Necromancer, cause he is the most challenging boss, and there's some pretty cool music during the battle
  3. The number of times I have randomly gotten the craving of buffalo wings!
  4. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned because the laughing smiley won't move on my computer
  5. Granted, but it spoils after 1 minute. I wish for another behemoth game
  6. My favorite one is the bear Something is just cool about it
  7. I didn't know this existed! Well, now I can practice even more to get the achievement Someday. Someday.............
  8. How many DLC threads will there be?
  9. Hmm......... This is a tough one If you PM me the pic (if you can pm it), I could put it on my website and give you a URL to upload it from instead of from your computer. It would be quite a bit smaller though, cause if I make pictures too big, they get blurry
  10. Well, I made a beefy version of the blob in my avatar. Here it is! I drew it from the side so I wouldn't have to draw the second arm! Sneeky, aren't I? (It's an attachment)
  11. You beat me to posting! And mechazeep, it's from Major Nelson's blog. The list is for full versions purchased too.
  12. I'm not sure. It always seems to work when I do a JPEG.
  13. dan said it was there to throw people off and get them confused I think that they might hide DLC there when I comes out Just a guess, though.
  14. Granted, but you don't get it, cause you didn't make a wish that makes sense. I wish for a Giant Enemy Crab so I can hit it's weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE!
  15. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned for chasing the SPAMobile!
  16. I had this problem too. I was playing online, and eventually I got kicked. So, then I decided to play with Novastar117. Except I couldn't. Whenever we started the game, it kicked me right before the character select. The first one might have been because of NAT, but not the second one, because we both checked out NAT settings, and I had Moderate and he had Open. I'm pretty sure it's not my internet connection, because it doesn't disconnect me from Xbox LIVE. Have any ideas?
  17. Shouldn't this be in Tech Issues?
  18. That would be pretty cool If they did, I think I'd have to get an iPod Touch
  19. Fun fact, people seem to like pictures that are slightly shaded more than un-shaded pictures.