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  1. i would buy its its fun and has like 10 small minigames that you can play but DO NOT buy it for online you will never find a match and i mean NEVER (maybe when they start handing out real trophies again you might though...)
    Well actually if people on your friends list have it, it's pretty easy to play PDA games with them.

    I even played with you a few weeks ago. :lol:

  2. OK, so I lost all of my data about a month or two ago.

    I had a level 46 knight, and after the data was deleted, I was still on the leaderboards as a level 46.

    I am now a level 44 after the data loss, and I was just wondering if I would be able to pass level 46 on the leaderboards because of the fact that the old data seems to be somewhere in the game.

    Thanks for any help.

    Edit I didn't think this fell into the Technical Issues forum, so I posted it here

  3. Not clicking that again.. Im not scarring myself again... oh yeah 100 post... On topic: I chose #4

    I don't know why I expect anything better when I click those links.

    I was tempted to click the link, but I don't want to bring back bad memories :lol: