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  1. Begin George Bush's ending praising bob the fake banana.
  2. You are immortal, but only if you sit in a tiny room the rest of your life, not being able to do anything I want my wish up there, only I can also play them anytime
  3. It comes out, but then it gives you the RRoD I wish for every video game ever made and that none of them are broken and that I had all the consoles to play them on.
  4. I want it! Edit: I vote bear trimmings
  5. mechazeep gets a camera with no film! inserts quarter
  6. Change my life eating a ho-bo magicians banana. Change Mr.Nature72's life eating a ho-bo magicians banana Change Mr.Nature's life eating a ho-bo magicians dog
  7. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned for making me realize that that was my 150th post!
  8. Bloob

    You're banned!

    Banned for posted your 100th post
  9. lose my life stomping a ho-bo magicians banana lose my life eating a ho-bo magicians banana
  10. You can use any pic as your background now after you set up the file sharing?
  11. I like it, cause I saw him draw it!
  12. Lose your self stomping a pizza with banana.
  13. Find your self stomping a banana with Banana.
  14. I don't really like the avatars
  15. Try anything in this guide. Thanks to kibblre for posting it:
  16. Apples McGrind gets: a working ps3. EVEN WORSE!!!!! Inserts penny
  17. WOW is nerdy.... WoW is a bit overrated, honestly. Over 10,000,000 players? Thats ridiculous! Plus, a kid just passed out from a 20-hour WoW marathon. The kids a nub, It's actually easier then you think to stay up for 20 hours from a video game. Longest I've gone was about 3 hours. It would be longer, but I'm afraid my xbox will overheat. ._o
  18. Apples McGrind gets........ a lifetimes supply of apples! Inserts $600 bill
  19. FirePheonix64 gets.................Hotel Mario for CDi. Inserts red knight token
  20. Mr. Nature gets a star trooper outfit! Inserts quarter.
  21. Eternal the Fox gets...........A piece of cheese. Puts in quarter
  22. I think that only worked in the original AH. in AH HD, it uses your gamertag