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  1. If you want mounts go to World of Warcraft. Wait a minute, it sounds like you came from there! Ha!
    WOW is nerdy....

    WoW is a bit overrated, honestly. Over 10,000,000 players? Thats ridiculous!

    Plus, a kid just passed out from a 20-hour WoW marathon. :geek:

    The kids a nub, It's actually easier then you think to stay up for 20 hours from a video game.

    Longest I've gone was about 3 hours.

    It would be longer, but I'm afraid my xbox will overheat. ._o

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of HD gaming. I suggest you get nice looking games (besides CC of course) and give them a whirl with your shiny new TV. You will be amazed at the little differences in graphics and details you have never seen before. The game that really did it for me was "Gears of War" back in the day! Blew my socks off!

    Yeah, gears looked crazy when i first played it.

    Especially on my 60".

    Haven't been robbed...............yet :|

  3. You complainers are annoying!!!!!!! :twisted::evil:

    I lost all of my data, and I still LOVE this game.

    Behemoth can't do anything now, Microsoft has to approve the patch.

    A few topics complaining are ok.

    But on the forums lately, (Both this one and the Xbox ones) there are about 1000 topics complaining, even though they are well aware that the patch is going to come out soon.

    The Behemoth is not some company that makes a glitchy game just to get laughs from people losing their data.

    If you disagree with me, then send this guy a friend request: