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  1. Mario Party 2 is the worst Mario Party game in the franchise. If you like this game, you're lying to yourself. Your nostalgia is clouding your judgement and it's unethical. Mario Party 2 was designed in Hell. I'm dead serious.


    I would rather play Bubsy 3D to completion than touch this game again. I would rather subject myself to incredible amounts of torture than play this game again. I would rather feast on the Human Cake than play this game again.


    Seriously, you can't even fathom how many times Peach can cheat the star out of you and just defecate all over you. You cannot possibly imagine how upset you are when you lose everything in the duel minigame. You cannot even mentally picture how it feels to never even graze the star. Your friends will pop off and taunt you, and you just have to take it.


    If I ever see a Mario Party 2 cartridge, I will destroy it on sight. No questions asked. Even Trash 4 is a more enjoyable experience than this. Bad Rats has nothing on this miserable pile of garbage.


    All Mario Party games are trash but 3 is the worst I've played (I haven't played 2)

  2. I'm collecting a list of god-tier DS games that I need to play, so far I have:


    -Ghost Trick


    You all should gimme some suggestions, or offer a recommendation on which one to play first. For the sake of simplicity, assume I've never picked up a DS before


    Radiant Historia is probably the best DS game I've played.


    oh also you have to play at least one layton and ace attorney game

  3. I've got a Hori RAP VX SA for my 360. I've been thinking about putting a universal PCB in it so I could use it on PS3/4, but the idea of cutting wires and soldering terrifies me. 

    Damn Bloob those RAP sticks are awesome. I've only done a little soldering in the past with Guitar Hero controllers and it worked out well for a while but only caused more problems in the long run, so I don't think I should be giving advice on modding sticks...although it would save you a lot of money instead of shelling out for a new RAP4. Paying somebody else to mod your current stick might be cheaper too. :-o


    The universal PCB I'm looking at costs $90 so it would save me about $60 over buying a second stick, but considering how big they are it's mostly to save space. I've heard Hori sticks are harder to mod than MadCatz and some other brands, though I haven't been able to find anything retaining specifically to my stick. 



    I've thought about getting a fight stick just to see what they're like, but I'm always fine using a 360 controller. If you guys spot any good ones that aren't super expensive though you gotta share em

    Also I think it'd be fun if we arranged some weekly night(s) to play fighting games. I dabble in KoF13 and Skullgirls (and I own USF4) but I'd be down for trying out any games on Steam that other people wanna play


    You might want to look into the Qanba Q1 or Qanba Carbon. if you mostly play PC games. The parts aren't the highest quality, but apparently it's easy enough to mod that you can just replace them with higher quality parts after they break. 

  4. I've been trying to get into fighting games again recently. I know some people super into SoulCalibur so I've been playing V lately. I've been trying to decide if GG Xrd is worth picking up on PC now that Revelator is out.


    Also in this thread we should talk about fightsticks. Anyone here thinking of getting one/have one already they want to talk about? 


    I've got a Hori RAP VX SA for my 360. I've been thinking about putting a universal PCB in it so I could use it on PS3/4, but the idea of cutting wires and soldering terrifies me. 

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  5. Battleborn. Currently having some matchmaking issues, but soon they're reverting it to the better system they had a week ago. Most likely. They might alter the current system a bit.


    Battleborn itself is pretty fun, just gets a lot of bad rep because of Gearbox apparently being the antichrist, 2K being the publisher, and Battleborn being an "Overwatch Clone" despite it being revealed and released before. Also, the games' only similarity is that they're fps with "hero" style characters. Battleborn is more akin to a MOBA.


    It doesn't look like a bad game but the whole "grind insane amounts of time for free characters or pay for them" thing put me off


    This game... needs cross-platform play...

    The only problem is how hard kb+m players would destroy controller users.

    While this is true (inb4 213) I'm sure he meant between xbox one and ps4 players. I could see that being a possibility, but who knows how much it costs to do that, and if blizz wants to entertain the idea?


    They're apparently considering it between X1 and PS4, but there are no immediate plans for it.